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  1. Thank you for replying Chris. The cynic in me might think this was done as a quick and dirty fix to the matchmaking - people can join OK in lobby but usually not with event in progress... I hope that was not the case. Even with new update, it put me in a new lobby as host rather than into a game in progress with plenty of spaces. This is very poor. I hope the changed to 1 race then back to lobby was not done to solve this... as above, a crazy amount of time is spent in lobby vs racing now. I have spoken to most of the active PC players, and if anything the feeling is maybe 5 races before back to lobby if anything would be the most wanted scenario, to get a good little championship going - but certainly not this dire situation that you have made now where it is 1 race then back to lobby that is a joke 😞
  2. the fact that only you and me are the only ones to bother complaining comment speaks volumes. I believe codemasters management are for some reason deliberately trying to kill the game dead.
  3. So. With season 1 here, quick match lobby now only provides 1 race before back to lobby. This means: 1, Ridiculous amount of not playing vs playing time with loading / waiting 2, With 3 races you could get used to the car, have a little 3 series match at least with friends in quick play. Now with 1 race and back to lobby its a joke. Please revert immediately to 3 race format, please voice your support!
  4. MooRacer

    Grid 2019 IS EPIC CONGRATS You Guys!

    First impressions: Negatives: -Online sucks, add lobbys etc. asap or this game will be stillborn. No lobbies no voting no join a game only random or invite friend. At this stage no pen for ramming or cheating really either. -Handling different...not sure if in a good way - lack of feel compared to GAS. -AI OK but could be better Positives: -Looks great compared to GAS -New challenge to drive and understand the handling. Improve the multiplayer ASAP plz codies.
  5. MooRacer

    Welcome to the new GRID

    game is a joke for online right now, such a shame. no lobbies, no vote no kick no tuning(?) maybe i didnt own car not sure on that dont quote me :) but I dont think codies have AT ALL realised how much people want to play this ONLINE give us basic lobby functions FFS, or this game will be still born.