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  1. SilentGSG9

    Video settings resetting at every launch

    Maybe nVidia GeForce Experience reset the settings. Look into it and check the optimization settings for Grid. Try to set your settings there.
  2. SilentGSG9

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Today I drove my Logitech G29 in Grid for the first time (play on the PC and have the Steam version). Thought first the FFB would be ok. After that I drove a few laps in Project Cars 2..... What should I say... The FFB feels so much better in Project Cars 2. You really feel the road, the vibrations in the car and so much more. The power that the G29 unfolds in Project Cars 2 I wouldn't have thought possible after the first laps in Grid. So please, please, please work again on the implementation of the FFB in Grid. The game really deserved it because otherwise Grid is a lot of fun for me, at least in singleplayer.... PS. Sorry for my poorly english. Greetings from Germany
  3. SilentGSG9

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Will there be a support on PC for the Impulse Trigger of Xbox One Controller?