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  1. Yah I mean wheels work pretty well in PC3 but I definitely miss the enhanced force feedback.
  2. OilSlicker

    Dirt 5 or just GRiD Rally DLC mudpack?

    I don't think DIRT 5 is going to be a half baked effort of a game like GRID. Plenty of content and things to do. I've been far more encouraged with the pre release information compared to GRID before its release.
  3. I just can't relate to your hate. I admit this is by far not the best racing game and I did stop playing it regularly. However there are currently 2 pc games compatible with the new trueforce technology. So if someone pays a lot of money for this wheel they are going to want to make full use of it and try one of the 2 games. I will say for all its lacking this game does support a lot of the most recent technical features other games lack. Including true force, native atmos sound as well as hdr.
  4. At least until more games support true force feedback. Its pricey but its a game changer. Try it out if you can.
  5. do you still play Grid Autosport?


    Just asking...


    nobody is online on Xbox so I'm just wondering...

  6. Is this a joke? I'll be filing complaints with as many consumer organizations as possible. A company that is still in business and making new products must provide support for a product for a reasonable period of time. Seems like just yesterday the game came out.
  7. OilSlicker

    Adjustable race length in Career - coming in Season 2

    Also, it's good to see forum activity picking up a bit.
  8. OilSlicker

    Welcome to the new GRID

    The biggest difference between this and games like Forza Motorsport and even GTS in single player, is they attempt to offer a more complete race weekend experience. With qualifying, and some TV-style presentation and minimal commentary/radio chatter. Just a different atmosphere that I prefer more than just driving with random background music. Same thing with the F1 racing games.
  9. Codemasters is still a relatively small family oriented company. Probably won't get many responses on a sunday.
  10. OilSlicker

    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    No, it's true that whether you like a driving model in a game is subjective. But what is not subjective is you can run the same single player race in GT Sport over and over for instance and the AI drivers will run the race the same way basically every single time. They also have no personality traits, different driving styles, they are simply random generic names that are programmed to drive the same way over and over. Take some time to actually play the game and find out its strengths before you give a 1/10 rating like most of the dumbbutts on these rating sites.
  11. OilSlicker

    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    and fun driving and competitive races that don't seem scripted.
  12. OilSlicker

    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    Well let me just say so far I am having more fun than with any racing game in a while- and I've tried them all from pure arcade to hardcore sim on every platform. Why? Can't really explain it. The game is definitely not perfect- the graphics are rough in some areas. But the races have been great and haven't gotten that just one more race compulsion in a while.