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  1. Ping @ChrisGrovesMCM
  2. Leo Natan

    Cockpit view problems

    It's not a brightness issue, it's a tone mapping issue. The driver view is plagued by either being too bright or too dark, because the game doesn't tone map the scenes correctly. It happens in only that view, the rest are correctly tone mapped. There are other issues with the driver camera, such as much lower LOD distance. Something is profoundly broken in that camera's config.
  3. Leo Natan

    Cockpit view problems

    @ChrisGrovesMCM This is a similar issue to the other thread.
  4. You think the car internals are a lot more detailed than the vehicle itself (which includes drawing less detailed internals and the driver)? I don't believe this is reasonable.
  5. @ChrisGrovesMCM Hi Chris, I just noticed something with the shadow issues we've been reporting. Notice in the start of the video, I am using the in-car view without the driver arms and wheel. Notice the far shadows of the trees are drawn. Then I switch cameras to the in-car view with the wheel, and suddenly the (not so far) shadows disappear and have a much lower draw distance. You said in the past that this is a difficult problem to solve. I don't agree. I think this is a bug somewhere in the camera configuration files, and can be easily patched to have similar parameters as the other in-car view. Please send to team for a fix.
  6. Leo Natan

    Version 1.2 / Season 1 - Update Notes

    Which I called stupid, and apparently that's an insult to you personally. 🙄
  7. Leo Natan

    Version 1.2 / Season 1 - Update Notes

    It seems like you can't even read plain English. 😂
  8. Leo Natan

    Version 1.2 / Season 1 - Update Notes

    To be honest, your "nationality" and your stupid measurements and notations are an insult to the whole world. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Leo Natan

    Grid on Stadia - practically unplayable

    Sony bought OnLive and has been calling it "PlayStation Now" for years.
  10. Leo Natan

    Version 1.2 / Season 1 - Update Notes

    No, it is you Americans that got it wrong.
  11. Leo Natan

    Grid on Stadia - practically unplayable

    As expected, Stadia is an epic fail. 😂
  12. You just find an online place where they sell Steam cards. Some don't even have commissions, so it's 1:1 price and value.
  13. Leo Natan

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    @lastbreath If anything, I'd say that's a cardboard leaf 😂😂😂 But check out how trees look in Dirt.
  14. Not necessary. Once you switch stores, you can buy Steam gift cards and top your account. Gift cards / funds are region free, so buying US (or whatever) gift card is converted into ARS.
  15. Leo Natan

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    While I share your sentiment, trees in EGO engine are not cardboards. Even going back to DiRT 1. Something broke in the transition to the current generation EGO, so they lost some of their shading, but still look far better than, say, Forza or PCars trees. The problem in Grid is that the lighting was extra terrible, and the aggressive LOD just killed. But just so you know, it's not an easy switch to fix, so the "team" is "looking at what can be done" never. 😂😂😂