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  1. I didn't preorder. I bought it full price, refunded it (yay Steam!), then bought it on sale from the ARG store. 😂 It costed me really peanuts, and I wanted to see if there was any change after "season 1".
  2. Notice the shadow growing on the second floor. It's still terrible.
  3. Sadly, no true offline mode, as has been requested by many players for long time.
  4. Yes, indeed the original one is still a fantastic simulator. There are many mods to enhance visuals, as well as many gameplay mods. If you can buy ACC, by all means, you will enjoy it, but it will have a much, much shorter lifespan than AC. The move to UE4 was a big mistake for longevity, what with the terrible "cooking" of assets and the general lack of modding support. Cynics will say it was done to push DLC. Remind you of any other company further closing their games to modding? 😜
  5. While the simulation is good, in some ways, it really isn't. The lack of modding is outright killing it; the graphics, while OK looking, have many visual artifacts that did not exist in the original; the scope is much more limited; etc.
  6. "It's not a terrible game" *lists all the reasons it's terrible* OK 😂
  7. Why, because Codemasters created a terrible game? 😂😂😂 No. It's great to be a PC gamer. There are always bad apples here and there. Even Codemaster's own other games are far superior on PC.
  8. It's still not a good response, even in that context. The expectations from 2019 games should be high, because the industry set them high. Before a company releases a poor game, it should manage its own expectations for its target audience' reaction when the product is not on par with competition or its own other games using the same engine. I don't think anyone here blames you for setting such a policy, and the honesty is indeed very appreciated. The disappointment is from your company, deciding to cut its losses and stop development on a game that should not have been released in such a miserable content or technical state. This does not bode well for future Codemaster titles, sorry.
  9. While it is true that PBR rendering pipeline takes a much higher toll on hardware than the older pipelines, it still doesn't explain why only Grid 2019 is suffering from these major issue out of all the EGO3 titles, such as the ones mentioned in your post (Dirt 4.0, Rally 2.0 and F1 2015+). While all of these games have graphical compromises (as do all games out there), none are as pronounced and egregious as in Grid 2019, and why that "manage your expectations" comment, which should not have any place in an official post, is so insulting. Starting in 2014, the industry transitioned to PBR rendering pipelines, and it was a difficult transition. Look at Assassins Creed Unity, Batman Arkham Knight, etc. All these games had severe performance issues due to PBR techniques not being mature enough. But that was in 2014-2015! In 2019/2020, this is unacceptable. @CMTGK Hopefully, this is a " reasonable " reply. 😂
  10. Leo Natan

    4 Reasons why Autosport is better than grid 2019

    "4 Reasons why Autosport is better than grid 2019" Codemasters: "Manage your expectations" 😂
  11. Yes, epic fail. Suitable for this game, though.
  12. Consider also setting trees enabled="false", trackAssets enabled="false", and while we're at it, installation shiftDelete="true". No difference will be noticeable, only 100GB free on your HDD.
  13. @GavinMac Play Forza 7 with your friends. Much, much better.
  14. Well, "the team" was going to look into it, but @jesped only posted screenshots without following the very important template, so unfortunately, they are unable to reproduce. 😂