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  1. It was confirmed as "artistic choice" by Chris.
  2. Leo Natan

    Update 1.50

    Ahh that makes sense 🍻 Good that the PS4 version is improving, but where is the love for PC?
  3. @lastbreath Type "@" on the keyboard and a list of users should pop up.
  4. Platform: PC Game Version: (this is from the exe version, couldn't find it elsewhere in the menu) Game Mode: The video above is from quick race with the player car as the only one on the track Track used: Paris Vehicle: Audi hot hatch My PC config: Intel i7 5960X nVidia 1080 Ti 16GB RAM Settings are at the top. @ChrisGrovesMCM
  5. @ChrisGrovesMCM PR = public relations CM = community management For me as a customer, the two serve the same purpose. "Public" is not just media interviews. I will provide you with anything you want, albeit it doesn't really matter because everyone reproduces it on their own PC as evident by gifs and videos all over this forum and YouTube. I'll reinstall the game and post all the info in my thread. Regarding the two possible responses you propose is why my attitude is so negative. There is no such thing as "baked in". It's PR-speak for "we can't be bothered changing it". That's software development in general. But also, your own company's other games have much better LOD and modeling. If your team can't make it work on consoles, where are the options on PC at least? "Baked in" = "we are not bothering". Instead of wasting precious resources of this small team on nonsense such as Stadia, your company should have invested in making game that is on par with your other games.
  6. Leo Natan

    Update 1.50

    Same terrible trees, same 2m rolling LOD, same even shorter lod with driver camera. (Edit: my impressions are from the PC version)
  7. If you change the camera, is the LOD the same? As you can see from my video, some elements' LOD aggressiveness is different with different cameras. But whatever it is, I agree—it's a joke. The fact that the only response by PR here is "looking into it" 3-4 months after release tells it all.
  8. Leo Natan

    Tyre changes and fueling?

    Not going to happen. The game is very shallow, unfortunately, and they went with a very simplistic driving model. That won't change.
  9. I don't see how "little different" matters in this case. Somewhere in the camera configs, there are different LOD values for the different cameras. This is crystal clear from the video I recorded. "Birmingham" can either put the other values for this camera too, or actually invest some work and add more LOD stops (high, ultra) where they can put the higher LOD values there. lodBias doesn't help. It's something else. This is such a simple matter. Instead of wasting time on Stadia, the developers should have actually solved real problems with the game. 🙄 Instead they opted for a quick buck short-term that will bring them zero long-term comfort.
  10. I looked at a camera mod XML files for the latest F1 games, which had some LOD values. So I assume it's similar here. In that specific camera, the LOD is driven very low, as evident in the video. But I have not seen a way to access those camera files in Grid 2019.
  11. @ChrisGrovesMCM In this case, the fix should be simple. It seems to be something in the camera LOD metadata. In previous Ego games, where files were more accessible, it was as simple as editing XML files. It's the same case here.
  12. @ChrisGrovesMCM I've created a video of a very specific graphical issue that is reproducible very easily, by everyone who plays this game, and is a major hindrance to the way this game is perceived. Since the issue is camera dependent, the fix is a minor one and will show a great improvement to anyone who uses the driver camera. The fact that you have not even bothered to respond in that thread makes me doubt you (Codemasters) will bother making any change, sorry. Now that we are a quarter after release and such significant issues with seemingly trivial fixes still exist doesn't bode well for the future of this or other games from your company. But thank you for the canned response. It's something, I guess. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I mostly meant about the graphics and graphics bugs—my thread with a clear bug and multiple pings to Chris has not been deemed worthy of a response from @ChrisGrovesMCM; not even a "will pass it to the 'team'". Not a good sign. But also, even for MP issues, a lot of the promises have been vague at best.
  14. And it seems any communication from the "team" has died down too.