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  1. Just download the torrent. It has everything, no DRM, no "licensing" nonsense.
  2. Leo Natan

    Bug F1 2020

    So why post it in the GRID 2019 forum? 🙄
  3. Usually the ones typing "your" or "should of" are from USA or UK, where they "should of" known better. 🙄
  4. I'll post whatever I want. Why are you so negative? If you have nothing constructive to say about my posts, 🤫
  5. Lazy game by lazy developers. Instead, they filled your game with microtransactions. How do you enjoy your purchase now?
  6. So you saying that they added microtransactions and store that screams "BUY MORE COINZZZZ" but that they "haven't done it to charge people"? How childishly naive are you? 🙄
  7. @richie UE4 isn't very good engine in general (too many visual artifacts this generation), but for racing, it just isn't suitable for it. Any racing game you look, be it MotoGP, Grip or Competizione. I bet it's easier to use than writing or maintaining your own, that's for sure, but that doesn't mean it's suitable.
  8. What a shame this isn’t ported to Nintendo Switch. Could have been a real winner.
  9. Epic fail by the developers. They switched to UE, which is terrible for racing, killed modding on PC, and couldn’t get it running faster than 40fps, and didn’t even lock it. 🤦‍♂️😂 Complete technical failure. Do you know if it was a porting house or done internally? On PC it has been out for a while.
  10. Sadly, no true offline mode, as has been requested by many players for long time.
  11. This game is life support. They have to release the content they are contractually obligated to, but the game is practically dead. You can see it from the lack of any enthusiasm about it, the lack of any long-term commitments to fixing the most basic things, etc.
  12. Man, I'd love a Kenya location. Always loved that in 2.0.
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