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  1. 😂 That's what we've been trying to decipher in this and other similar threads here over the last few months. Most likely, Codemasters sees this as a quick cash grab, so they didn't invest in a proper "team".
  2. Dirt 2 and Grid are ancient, but historically, it's the same engine. Modern F1 (2015+) titles use the same engine as Grid 2019, as are Dirt 4 and Rally 2.0.
  3. So don't push shadows to higher settings? 🙄 Or are you one of these that gets offended if there are visual settings you can't put on max and still get 4K60? 🙃 It's unacceptable in 2020 to not have an option to remove these terrible LOD shadows. Especially considering both F1 and Dirt Rally 2.0's shadows are far further than this. This is A GAME ON PC (I almost typed "PC GAME", but we all know that is not true 😂), it should have modular settings to fit the needs of everyone, not look like a terrible Xbox One game from 2013. Even Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 4 have far higher LOD scaling.
  4. Unfortunately, shadows still fade in a few meters from the vehicle. You can see this even in the video above.
  5. Looked the same to me when I tried the "season 2" patch. Shadows still fade in 2-3m in front of the car. 😞
  6. Maybe the "license" doesn't "allow" rain on the car? 😂
  7. @UP100 Taking into account the greater context of how terrible this game looks overall (vs CM's own other properties or other racing titles in the market), this is a very bad bug.
  8. What's worse, CM is still using the high quality rain in promotional gifs on Steam:
  9. In the next build, they are removing the wipers. No water droplets, no need for wipers to take all that performance. 😂
  10. SilverDusk seems like a serial downvoter. Got this flood today. Probably a fanboy unable to take any criticism of his precious game. On topic, that's sad. Weather effects were one of the only highlights of this game. Very bad. Codemasters logic: "Game looks terrible and still runs badly; how to optimize? Remove the only graphical feature that was good" 🤦‍♂️
  11. Looking at patch notes, it says: Could be the settings reset and they didn't notice? Edit: Ah no, the "season 2" patch is not out yet. 🤦‍♂️
  12. Maybe it's a bug? Perhaps "the team" will fix it? 😂
  13. And yet, you chose to make the silly comparison.