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  1. Just download the torrent. It has everything, no DRM, no "licensing" nonsense.
  2. Leo Natan

    Bug F1 2020

    So why post it in the GRID 2019 forum? 🙄
  3. What a shame this isn’t ported to Nintendo Switch. Could have been a real winner.
  4. Sadly, no true offline mode, as has been requested by many players for long time.
  5. This game is life support. They have to release the content they are contractually obligated to, but the game is practically dead. You can see it from the lack of any enthusiasm about it, the lack of any long-term commitments to fixing the most basic things, etc.
  6. Man, I'd love a Kenya location. Always loved that in 2.0.
  7. Welcome to the terrible console gaming world, where lazy developers pander to 6-year old terrible hardware and don't even bother supporting the higher-end market. Dirt Rally was not a console product. It was a Hail Mary "we need cash" type of game, so it took them out of their comfort zone and, for once in recent history, they targeted PC. But this is clearly not the case with any of their recent games. This is why Grid 2019 looks like a steaming pile of manure, and why Dirt Rally 2.0 is so limited in scope and graphics (granted, to a much, much lower degree than Grid—clearly much more talente
  8. ❤ Best news I've heard in a long time! Give me more rally locations pls!
  9. That sounds like an issue in the simulation itself, rather than the wheel animation.
  10. I don't see how it's a PC vs consoles. It's just a fact that console players mostly play on gamepads, and the game (WRC8) is optimized for that, because that is the largest audience that will play it. Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt 4 display the wheel as it should be. It's important to note that this is only a visual issue, and will not impact how your racing wheel performs in the game.
  11. That's because it's optimized for gamepad users (consoles); the steering ratio of the animation is small.
  12. It took my Xbox One X ~1 hour to download. Is this the only game that is taking long time to download? It doesn't make a lot of sense, since you are downloading from Microsoft servers, not Codemasters.
  13. Not like it's hard to obtain the "full game" illegally on PC. It's a shame, because such a trial can really help people who are on the fence on Steam, especially with VR headsets.
  14. People working on additional content are not the same people implementing the multiplayer or engine features/bugfixes.
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