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  1. millertheman

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    Come on anybody from Codemasters at least have the decency to give us an update. This is pretty shameful on your part.
  2. millertheman

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    Anyone confirm if wheels are supported in Grid 5. Q&A in June; Robert Karp (RK), the development director, Mike Moreton (MM), lead designer, James Bralant, social and communications manager and Chris Groves (CG), community manager. RK confirmed Can you go into any specifics at this time regarding multi-monitor and wheel support? RK: "We will be supporting wheels. You'll also be able to play the full game on super-wide monitors but we'll have to wait until July to talk about multi-monitor support." No news since. Any updates or confirmation? Thanks
  3. Where is the force feedback on tx wheels for the Xbox version?
  4. The dedicated forum has gone. They never fixed the Xbox wheel issues. Absolute shower of money grabbers. Disgusting releasing a broken game and then refusing to answer critics. Robbed of hard earned money for this ****.