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  1. Where is the force feedback on tx wheels for the Xbox version?
  2. The dedicated forum has gone. They never fixed the Xbox wheel issues. Absolute shower of money grabbers. Disgusting releasing a broken game and then refusing to answer critics. Robbed of hard earned money for this ****.
  3. millertheman

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Yeah I think the 360° degree context was lost in my rant 😂 I meant that the feedback was suddenly there after getting fixed at 360 when exiting fh4. Running 900 now and done firm ware update on tx wheel and it's working much better - ffb weak but definitely there now. Hope they dial it up but enjoying game now
  4. millertheman

    No ffb on thrustmaster wheels

    Thanks for the input👍 Without sounding daft have you changed the in game settings to accommodate the shifter? Also see my update above re firmware update- it seems to have improved things for me.
  5. millertheman

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Thanks for the input Strange thing when I went back to the game after testing my wheel on fh4 I was suddenly getting some feeling through the wheel. My tx had changed its dor to the 360 degrees setting so when I calibrated in grid I was running 350 dor lock to lock and it was better. Not particularly strong but definitely getting some ffb through the wheel. Out of interest what settings you running in game and what dor you using?
  6. millertheman


    I have been able to calibrate my tx ok on Xbox. Steering input is 1:1 but I have zero ffb effects at all. Have tried sliders at zero then cranked them up to 150 but nothing is coming through the wheel
  7. No ffb at all on Grid when using a thrustmaster tx on Xbox one. Adjusting the sliders from 0 to 150 makes no difference. No vibration no centering force no ffb at all. Anyone else. Checked my wheel on other game so it's a grid issue. Been racing on a wheel for many years so I know it is not a set up issue. There is no ffb whatsoever coming through the wheel. Needs a fix asap UPDATES 9 October So after firing up fh4 to test my wheel then going back to grid my tx locked at 360° which although too twitchy owing to low dor - I suddenly found I had some feedback coming through the wheel. Anyway long story short I have done a firmware update on the tx and am now running at 900° and although still weak there is definitely more centering force and road feel. If that could be dialled up I think this will be a great game. Not sure if this helps anyone else just sharing my thoughts.
  8. millertheman

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    The ffb is non existent. There is no difference if you set the sliders at 0 or all the way up to 150. No wheel weight no vibration no centering force. I only hope this can be patched as all the previews spoke of the excellent ffb on wheel but as it stands sadly this is garbage and has killed on day one what could be a great game. I have been racing with wheels for many years and trust me there are no ffb signals coming through my wheel. Please fix Playing on Thrust master tx Xbox one by the way