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  1. crunchymunchies

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    A bit disappointing to be honest. I didn't get 2013 because it was basically a reskin of cars with some classic content thrown in. Not enough new content to justify the price. Looks to be the same this year, I was looking forward to it :/
  2. crunchymunchies

    A small complaint about the recent soundtracks for GRID games.

    Agreed, that was an epic remix and intro. Fit the tone of the whole game perfectly.
  3. I'm not sure if the original composer of the GRID soundtrack reads these forums but if he does I hope he takes this opinion into account. When the original GRID launched I thought it had the perfect music that got you pumped up to race, especially when it played as you raced against Ravenwest. The crazy mix of a movie soundtrack orchestra mixed with hard techno. Remember this? And I will never forget the first time this played in the final 2 minutes of the 24 hours of Le Mans race as I tried to hold back 2 Audi R10's for the win. Then Grid 2 came along and the intensity was dramatically decreased. Compare the above to tracks like this or this and I doubt you'd get as excited listening to the grid 2 soundtrack. It had become a mix of strange break-beat drums with some orchestra thrown in. (I am in no way an expert in creating music or music terms.) With grid autosport it is much the same as Grid 2. It leaves me disappointed as a music fan that I have to go back to the original Grid to get my adrenaline pumping with the use of music with motorsport. I should postface this by saying I love the menu soundtracks for all grid games they seem to be perfect, it's the in-game / replay soundtracks that leave me disappointed.
  4. crunchymunchies

    Cannot change some colours on my livery?

    You can only do it in online. Go to the "my vehicles" section. Pick a car that you own and select "liveries". The you hit the square button (ps3) to open up the livery options tab. Then pick any of the 3 empty livery slots to edit a livery.
  5. crunchymunchies

    Cannot change some colours on my livery?

    I've been trying to get a good pic of the livery in game but Im using a crappy camera so the livery just looks messed up in the pic just like the original that I posted. You'll just have to take my word for it that with the naked eye it looks fine in game i guess. Or test the livery and colour scheme out yourself. I have since changed liveries and the new livery is just an orange base colour with black stripe down the middle. This new one looked fine in livery editor as i created it and it looks fine in game. So it seems to be just with certain colour schemes and patterns that the livery looks off in the editor.
  6. crunchymunchies

    Cannot change some colours on my livery?

    Okay after racing in the livery it is in fact an illusion thanks to the bright lighting above the car in the livery editor mode, it makes it look like the colours are a different hue. It looks fine when racing, though. All that fuss over nothing.
  7. crunchymunchies

    Cannot change some colours on my livery?

    Okay here are the 4 colours I want to have. Base colour white, 3 pattern colours blue, orange and orange. and here is the options I have selected I have found the "flip" option you talked about in the "paint type" option. Choosing flip seems to open up the secondary options but adjusting them doesn't seem to change the 2 extra colours at all.
  8. crunchymunchies

    Cannot change some colours on my livery?

    I think I should have specified that I'm talking about GRID Autosport btw. I'm looking to just have the white,orange and blue on my car, but the colours light blue and lime green keep appearing no matter what livery I choose. In this case the colours are on the roof of the car. I have looked everywhere for this "flip" option you mentioned but cannot find it. In the colour options it shows secondary colour options like "secondary hue, secondary saturation" but these are greyed out and I cannot adjust them.
  9. So I'm trying to create a livery for a car and am only given the option of 4 different colours to change, but 2 extra colours are appearing on my car no matter what livery I choose and I'm not given the option to get rid of these 2 extra colours or to even change the colour of these 2 extra pieces of livery. They seem to change by themselves when I choose what colour I want the first 4 colours. So is this a bug are am I stuck with some extra ugly colours that I can't change? Playing on ps3 by the way.
  10. crunchymunchies

    New Forums - Feedback thread

    If images are not allowed in signatures then why have the option to "Strip images out of signatures" when editing your signature?