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  1. My husband is having the same issue, cannot link Steam Account, he is added as my friend, yet when I try to invite him to my racenet club account It says I have no friends to invite, I also cannot see his stats, but clearly states he is my friend. Frustrating to say the least.  I wonder if having several linked account might be the issue? If your Steam name say for instance is not the same as your player name in game, or same login name as PS3 account , could this be causing some confusion?
  2. Same issue this morning 6-9  Sweden time. Has been an issue lately again, could not log in last night or this a.m. running pc Grid 2 version via Steam. All other games in Steam working fine, files validated. Other friends are having same issues.  Please keep informed ty
  3.  Thanks for your reply. Again this a.m. I cannot log into Global Challenges, nor could I last night.  It was never a problem before so something clearly is happening and would be nice if a Dev would post if they are having problems and its being looked at.
  4. Within the last week or so I am constantly getting global challenge/Racenet unavailable. Seems to be an every day occurrence lately and since I have several friends with whom we challenge weekly, It appears to be Racenet issues not my computer or settings. Is there a reason for the constant downtime lately ?
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