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  1. haefen

    Gamepad controls settings and assists

    I found out, that if you play on PC with xbox controller you can further tune your gamepad in Steam, i.e. set response curves for triggers. Helps a lot with braking and acceleration (especially with RWD cars).
  2. haefen

    Gamepad controls settings and assists

    Yeah, I started to ramp up ABS and see how it goes... I don't have deadzone setting on my xbox one gamepad, wonder why. i am talking GRID 2019 of course. ;)
  3. Hi, I'm using xbox one gamepad to play the game. Do you guys have any suggestions, how to set up steering sensitivity and linearity to have the best exerience? Also what are the best driving assists settings, to have the game challenging (i'm playing highest AI difficulty), but have a good experience driving? On lower tier cars i have to constantly fight with car's stability and balancng brakes and throttle is not that easy with simple gamepad triggers.