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  1. mikehanson

    Undrivable with Fanatec CSL Elite

    Thanks for feedback folks, apologies for not responding sooner, I expected to get notified when someone responded but guess I that isn't enabled by default. I will tinker with the wheel settings as suggested to see if that helps, but no overly keen on having to remember to change the settings every time I play Grid and then having to remember to set them back when I play something else.
  2. So my pre-order installed fine and I was eager to give Grid a go. I fired it up and it detected my Fanatec CSL Elite pedals and wheels, but it was undrivable trying to get through the first three races. Pedals seemed ok, but there was absolutely no free play on the wheel and the slightest movement in either direction put the car in to extreme oversteer. I have a number of driving games including F1 2019 and the wheel works fine on those out of the box. I ended up exiting from Career mode and went in to settings. I expected to find it was seeing my wheel as a normal controller because it felt like it had that extreme steering that a controller has, but it was showing my wheel was detected and selected. I loaded the Fanatec preset that was available and went through the process of calibrating both wheel and pedals, but it made no difference. I restarted everything and still no improvement. Now I know I could tinker with the wheel settings to try to get some control of the steering, but the experience so far has been spoiled because every other game/sim I have just works with the wheel out of the box. Is there something quick I can try before I uninstall the game and forget about it.