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  1. The tracks and "next to the tracks" are to clean, and the grass is too green etc. Implement some more real world stuff to make it look closer to the real thing. Personally, I am using reshade to lower the insane "pastel colours".

    Would love a proper sim view, the nose and 2 wheels only. I am building a cockpit at the moment and I am not sure what view to use, it looks odd to have 2 steering wheels, and it's also way odd to sit on the front wing only 4 inches above the track surface.


  2. Had no problems with 2018 neither 2019, until today when I reinstalled F1 2019!

    Have tried everything, "reboot's", drivers, with or without vpn, firewall etc...

    Reinstalled on the "C:/programs86" drive at first, after that I tried on a SSD slave disk, same problem.

    Running on PC/win 7

    Thanx in advance

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