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  1. Vrally looks very gamey - visually. And again, the environment often looks more like straight out of a fantasy game.
  2. Unless they fix their stuttering mess, there is nothing to miss...
  3. Well, for any serious sim or even simcade title, a good sureface resolution is essential. Does anyone remember the last Test Drive titles? They had great environment, but the road surface was crazy low poly and driving on mountain roads was really no fun. You could literally feel (and see) each poly edge.
  4. Can someone tell them that cameras attached to a car (inside or outside) do no move independently from the car? These gopro cam views look totally weird.
  5. Did they cut at 0:56 to not show him crashing into the wall?
  6. Attend... ( he's still saying it) The jump looks a bit strange, like the car gets a boost while already in air. https://youtu.be/n9NM-wMIcP8
  7. Again, looks like input lag. And is seems like some stages are either even more bumpy than sweden in D4 or the cars have no working suspension. Cars wobbling over the bumps looks just strange. And they have copied codemaster old color palette. Some lighting effects do look nice. But the environment never looks realistic. It always looks a bit like visualizing some fairytale book. Oh, and that massive blue/purple fringing in the trees in Finland is just insane.
  8. Of course it's the same stage. It's a recreation of the real one. The stage streets are probably accurate, but their environmental content (especially trees) often do not represent reality.
  9. Yeah, WRC titles have a reputation for the environment often looking like a fantasy world. With regards to the suspension not being able to handle the bumps, it was my thought too. In reality, these cars (the chassis) almost float above the surface very smooth and steady, while the suspension is doing its work. BTW, here is another crazy WRC 7 video. This guy can not even drive a few meters in straight line. He tries really hard. It's either very bad input lag or very bad steering setup. It looks undrivable. https://youtu.be/MbI8io323EM
  10. Ok, that makes more sense. But anyway, I would still like to see an option to enforce only generated stages for multiplayer events without being able to load stages into the event.
  11. What? So you are back at what we had in all the rally games before. Known stages for everyone, all the time? I am sorry, but that is completely against what the generator is all about. Sure, anyone can use the generator to get some nice preferred stages and go hotlapping. But for an online league, it is vital to go with unknown generated stages. Yes, we all know the tiles somehow, but there is still quite a difference between completely knowing a stage and just knowing the sections but without knowing the sequence. And in addition to that, there are still some differences in some tiles. For i
  12. Sorry, but that doesn't cut it. I don't want to rely on anyones supposedly fairness. It's not only the host who might have learned the stages. He also could have shared these stages with specific members. What's the point of having the ability to generate stages on the fly in multiplayer, when you still use stages that could be known for days or weeks. There needs to be an option that forces generated stages only, same as enforcing no-assists etc.
  13. I just hope there is also a way to ensure freshly generated stages only, so that all league members can be sure to drive each stage for the first time. I wondered why there is no way to force only new generated stages for multiplayer. What is the point if the host can load stages that he knows back and forth?
  14. They could also do some minor but essential variations of some turns. For instance, the very long bending 2 in Wales open fields, it always has the same bumps and mini crests at the same spots and also rough edges on the inside so that you can't cut it. It would be relatively easy to do some variations of this turn so that sometimes its quite flat and sometimes you can cut it. This tile system also needs better and more specific pace notes. Some pace notes are completely off. And we really need plus and minus indications according to each turn if necessary.
  15. Never mind, it was just an error in the video and I managed to grab the real screen with correct car size. Sometimes these videos can get really messed up on youtube. ;)
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