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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    It's the same as in previous DiRT games. AI cars seldom or never get cleaned up. I bet the sponsors wouldn't be happy. In reality the cars are pretty much always cleaned between each race. It really looks strange with AI cars heavily covered in mud after one race for the rest of the event.
  2. I just made it through Rallycross career. I finished Master level - with zero points. Besides the AI being super fast and hyper aggressive, the calculated AI cheats compared to those who drive actually with me in the four qualification races. Meaning the calculated AI is 10 - 20 seconds faster (depends on the track) than the driving AI. So I was never able to get into the semifinals, allthough I won quite a lot qualification races.
  3. WeamDreaver

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Most of us will be done with career, by the time this gets patched. They probably used all conditions as equal for their random event tool that creates the events in career. But night or rain or night/rain should be the exception, not the norm.
  4. Why can't we choose from all three classes for Rallycross like in all the other levels? Why are we forced to use Supercars only? Is it the same for rally, can you only choose Group B in Master level?
  5. That would take ages, considering that Rallycross is the exception in daily and weekly (which I am fine with). This career system needs to change. I think we should always be able choose any level in which we already won the title.
  6. And how are we supposed to level the other cars in classes in Rallycross if we can't choose car class anymore once reaching Master level?
  7. Another question, in Rallycross I could choose between all RX classes up to elite level. But now in master level I can only choose supercars. Bug?
  8. What happens when you beat the highest difficulty? Does the career in that branch just ends? Can you then choose which difficulty you want to use? Or will you just continue using the highest difficulty forever? I think the best way would have been, I you can always choose the current difficulty or lower in which you already won the championchip.
  9. WeamDreaver

    career data wiped.... AGAIN

    Happened to me too. The question is why does it has to reset the data completely, instead of just using the last working racenet save? It doesn't say that the saves were corrupted. It only says there is a discrepancy between online and local save.
  10. I just noticed that replays are different in test mode and actual racing, at least for rallycross. My praise written above was after several testing laps (choose any car and there is an option to testdrive it). Testing WRX cars happens always on Montalegre. So I did a good amount of laps there in test mode. Today I noticed that the replay after a race uses a different set of cameras, incl. 2 or 3 onboard cams every lap, even though I choose trackside only cams. Is this a bug? Cameras in test mode are a lot better.
  11. Seriously, they are pretty much perfect. There is even some variation per lap. Angles, focal length, placement, depth of field, duration... Really really good. No switching to onboard. Just pure TV style and also some very nice moments to catch the great sound design. Now, if you can update the other circuits to this standard, that would be great. The other WRX tracks have some bugs where the camera just suddenly stops to a standstill and sometimes use long onboard cams.
  12. WeamDreaver

    My Team painting DR 2.0

    Yes, especially when you consider the amount of plain liveries or when you see that some liveries are actually done with the previous livery creator. You know, if they didnt't had the time to do more interesting and detailed liveries, they could have easily asked the community. They could have provided us with the sponsors they are allowed to use.
  13. So, why are we missing track variants of all WRX circuits? Previous versions had it. And why can't we use the design suite? Previous version had it. And you obiously used it for lots of the liveries in DR2.
  14. WeamDreaver

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    So, my WRX Championchip has just been reset. Why does it need to reset, when it just could use the last RaceNet save data (if it doesn't want to use local because of cheating or else)?
  15. I know that credits probably won't be an issue in the late game. But having to spend 30.000 CR for my team just to learn how to unlock tuning for an E30? Or even 100.000 CR for unlocking tuning for the Porsche?
  16. WeamDreaver

    Just unlocking the tuning costs hundreds of thousands

    It's not about upgrades. Make them cost, I don't care. But the ability for basic tuning should be one of the benefits of being an engineer, don't you think?
  17. WeamDreaver

    Just unlocking the tuning costs hundreds of thousands

    I don't get it. The car costs 60.000 and I need another 30.000 just so my team of engineers knows how to tweak ride height and camber? Excuse me?
  18. WeamDreaver

    Setting Up Cars Really Stinks

    Agreed! Even in reality teams can test their cars on roads or circuits. We need simple test area.
  19. Instead of having to scroll through all components, why not just show those, that actually needs repair.
  20. I miss it. You didn't have to use it. Why take something out that was already there. And as far as I know, WRX track variants were in all previous DiRT games.
  21. This is in career mode, don't know how they are doing in custom events. In lower tiers, the AI is generally slow, but behaves somewhat decent. But in 1600 class on Holjes, they tent to weave left right and deliberatly drive into me when I am trying to pass. A few times they went off track and when they tried to go back they deliberatly crashed into me, almost in a 90° angle. All, while I was going a wide line to pass and giving them enough space to reenter the track. They behaved like online crash kids! In RX Lites class (only on Loheac) they constantly crash into me from behind into the first turn. They simply shove me of the track - every time. And then comes Supercar class, where the AI is not only super fast, but also highly aggressive, basically ignoring me all the time and pushing me into barriers etc.
  22. WeamDreaver

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Ok, not sure if really a bug. I have performance problems on WRX tracks. Sometimes FPS are dropping down to 40, sometimes even in the box. On Loheac for instance I am always getting FPS drops in the last two corners before finish. My system should be capable enough to get steady 60 FPS @ 1080p with ultra or at least high settings. i7-8700k ASRock Z370 Extreme 4 16GB DDR4 GTX 1080 SSD Win10 64bit So, I tried various settings on Loheac and when I disabled crowd completely during a race, my FPS got rock steady. But, all the crowd was still there. I couldn't see any difference. I switched the settings back and forth, but now visual difference. But the FPS were only solid with crowd switched to off. Only in the next race, the crowd was actually not there anymore, only some basic grandstands filled with grey crowd. But all the poeple standing at the track were gone. So, there are two things. First, crowd seem to have some heavy impact (on some systems). Second, although the crowd only disappears in the next race, there is already a positive effect when switching crowd off during a race. Seems like something is going on there.
  23. WeamDreaver

    Racenet outages

    Same here. Can't connect to racenet.
  24. WeamDreaver

    DiRTy Gossip

    Vrally looks very gamey - visually. And again, the environment often looks more like straight out of a fantasy game.
  25. WeamDreaver

    DiRTy Gossip

    Unless they fix their stuttering mess, there is nothing to miss...