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  1. painisawarning


    Good thing in Yas Marina is that in previous GRID games, it had lots of different layouts, that vary dramatically between each other. Still, only 1 new track per DLC is not something that will impress all the people sitting on the fence...
  2. the game crashes to desktop, when after the race I try to see global and friends results for the same race PC/Steam Ultimate Edition, first hotfix applied Career mode, event type does not seem to matter I finish the race in some career event, and on the post race summary screen I browse the tabs. The moment I reach 'global' tab, the game sometimes crashes to desktop Don't remember the error message, but it wanted me to send some bug report, which I did every time Gamepad No videos, but one of the guys I'm playing with has the same issue, he has standard edition on Steam and is using a wheel
  3. painisawarning

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Hotfix did not fix CTD when browsing global / friends results after a race in career mode. It still happens, and makes me never even try to browse them. After the CTD I have to redo the event...
  4. Difference between hard and very hard is huge. Quali lap that gives me 1st place on hard, with 3 seconds margin to 2nd place is only good enough for 16th place on very hard. I'm not surprised that many people say that hard is too easy for them and very hard is too hard.
  5. painisawarning

    Showdowns - Ultimate Edition early access

    Which Grand Hillclimb did you do? Because there are 3 different Okutama Grand Hillclimbs...
  6. painisawarning

    GRID2019 XB1X: post race crash to menu. global LB

    I have the same issue with Steam version, crashed twice for me, when trying to see global/friends tabs.
  7. painisawarning

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    I would rather have a remastered Autosport, or even PATCHED Autosport.
  8. painisawarning

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    After spending some hours in Private Match multiplayer, I would really like to see this implemented: - GRID SIZE - you did it in freeplay, why not in private multi? If we're only 2-3 people, we don't need 13-14 bots in game, but 6 would be nice - TUNING MENU - why tuning menu is not available within multiplayer at all? You can already use tuned car in multi, but you have to tune it outside of multiplayer lobby. - COLLISIONS - please add player collisions on/off for Time Attack mode Multiplayer replays/photomode would be awesome, but I guess I'm asking too much here...
  9. painisawarning

    Showdowns - Ultimate Edition early access

    Actually, there are several 'Okutama Grand Hillclimb' events. The one that worked for me, is the one with MCA Hammerhead Nissan Silvia (S13) I believe this invitational event unlocks after you finish your 13 standard TUNER championships.
  10. painisawarning

    Showdowns - Ultimate Edition early access

    Well, I managed to resolve that issue, so I hope it will help you also. DISRUPTR unlocked for me after I finished invitational event 'Okutama Grand Hillclimb', Codies, take note here - your DISRUPTR unlock trigger is broken, and the showdown does not unlock after completing 10 TUNER events, as it should.
  11. painisawarning

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    While the game lacks a lot of things, there are 2 major things that need to be addressed IMO: 1. career race length Without the option to run longer races in singleplayer, career is not that fun. Why did you think that the race should consist of TWO laps, on a circuit with lap time around 1 minute? I hated when Project Cars 2 forced me to run 2h races in career, but 2 minute races are just as bad. You don't even have time to learn the track, chase the bots or just have fun, it's over after just few turns. This is one of the worst design decisions that you took when working on singleplayer aspect of the game. Please, give us the option to set the number of laps manually. We don't even need better rewards for longer races. 2. weekly challenges This one will make or break this game IMO. The reason why Grid 2 and Grid Autosport still had active players after so many years, was this. I had a blast when trying to beat my friends in time attacks or other events in weekly challenges, and doing those weeklys gave me nice XP/Money bonus. This NEEDS to come back, with working ghostcars and full leaderboards. I just hope you'll support this game better than you supported Autosport. I can live with nonexistant car damage model, half functional livery editor, and the worst replay model of all GRID games... but if you could work on those too, that would be very nice 🙂
  12. Hello everyone, Bought the Ultimate Edition on Steam. Started driving in TUNER category, completed all 13 TUNER events, with 1st place in each event. For some reason, I can't do the final TUNER showdown (DISRUPTR) - it's greyed out, and says I need to finish 10 TUNER events first. As I finished them all already, this does not look OK. Is it a bug, or the showdowns are locked for the early access build?