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  1. painisawarning

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    Thanks @ChrisGrovesMCM this sounds promising. After this gets implemented, I'm moving to another crusade - and that is getting rid of those UGLY SCRATCHED CARS 🙂
  2. painisawarning

    How do you repair cars in Grid 2019? Remove scratches?

    I can't be bothered with some 'wash' option. RACEDRIVER:GRID wash option was a total chore, requiring you to waste time going to some menu ane pressing some wash buttons and then going back again. G2 and G:AS did it correctly and washed your car before every single race automatically.
  3. painisawarning

    Joining lobby random car

    Confirmed, someone should move that topic to technical assistance forum...
  4. painisawarning

    How do you repair cars in Grid 2019? Remove scratches?

    Car should just reset their state at the beginning of EVERY race, and then gradually become dirty and scratched while you're racing. Every race should start with car in mint condition. This was a normal thing in G2 and G:AS and I have no idea why they changed it to this thing that we have now. No 'wash' button is needed. Just automate the thing and le me finally enjoy those liveries I created.
  5. painisawarning

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    Good point about the track visibility for the event!
  6. painisawarning

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    Autosport had some tuning quirks, like 'universal' setups that were always better than the default one, with no disadvantages. And some tuning options seemed to do nothing, or work in reverse to what they were supposed to do. Otherwise, it was a good system. I don't mind the system used in Grid2019, I just hate the way car tuning interacts with multiplayer, and I find it insulting.
  7. painisawarning

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    @ChrisGrovesMCM, this is my summary of car tuning issues in GRID2019, with possible fixes. I'm posting this to make sure, we all understand the problem, and I want to keep the discussion in one place, instead in scattering it in every other thread 🙂 GRID2 and GRID: AUTOSPORT did things in a proper way. They completely separated singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Whole progression was separate - so if you wanted to only play single player - fine. If you never cared about singleplayer (like me) and only cared about multi - even better. You could only race in multi, make money, and buy/upgrade/tune your cars. And it was awesome. And then, GRID 2019 came. And Codies never bothered to keep single/multi as separate games. They merged everything, going back to Racedriver: GRID system. I can understand why, and it does not bother me much, as I liked singleplayer in GRID2019 enough, so I was able to make money on it, buy all the cars, and now I'm set for the multi. But then, there's car tuning system... that is unacceptable in its current form. As the garage is shared between single and multi, car setups are also shared. So if you tune your FD Civic for some very short singleplayer track (giving it a very short gear ratio), or you tune your muscle car for bump absorption and soft suspension... it will stay tuned like that. And then, you want to use those tuned cars in a multiplayer event. You're going to use them, because you don't remember what you did to the setups. Your FD will lose everything, because of the capped top speed. Your muscle car will wobble all over the place, because of the suspension setup. And there's NOTHING you can do about it. Because in multi, you don't even get to see the tuning of the car. You also can't change car tuning in any way, when in multiplayer. If you don't remember your car setups (who does?) you're screwed in multi. You can of course go to your garage before joining a multi session and reset all the tunings to default. Going car by car. It will take you an hour or so, because garage system in GRID2019 is very poorly implemented, slow and clunky. Now Codies, how do you fix this issue? 1. DISABLE ALL CAR TUNING FOR MULTIPLAYER MATCHES The easiest solution, and not a bad one. Not only you're making sure that you're not choosing a car that has stupid tuning, but it equlizes al cars in the lobby. Noone will win the race, only because they went for the longer gear ration for a fast track. If you go back to singleplayer, your custom tuning for each car will be kept, but when you use this can in multi, it's tuning forced to a default one. 2. MAKE CAR TUNING VISIBLE AND EDITABLE IN A MULTIPLAYER LOBBY You have a car choice screen in multi lobby, so you can enable this left trugger button for viewing/editing car tuning, just as in single player. If the event is longer than 1 race, the tuning you choose will be the same for all the races in the event. This is IMHO the best solution, if events contain fast and slow tracks, then you'll have to make important decisions regarding your gear ratios. Also, the whole system is already there, you just need to enable it for a multiplayer lobby. 3. MAKE CAR TUNING VISIBLE AND EDITABLE BEFORE EVERY RACE IN A MULTIPLAYER EVENT This system was present in GRID: AUTOSPORT and it was great. Instead of this unskippable 'grid presentation' screen that you get before every race, we could have a small menu, with car setup, game options, etc. This menu should have a timer (like 30 seconds), giving players the time to check their setups before the race starts. This way, you could prepare your setup for every race in the event, at the cost of slower race starts. I don't really care which solution you choose, any of those will fix the issue. I'd go with solution 2, because it's very easy to implement. Solution 1 is even easier, and still pretty good, solution 3 would require some extra subsystem in the game. Keeping my fingers crossed that this issue will be resolved soon 🙂
  8. painisawarning

    How do you repair cars in Grid 2019? Remove scratches?

    Looks sad. The darker the paint is, the sadder it looks.
  9. Why is it even a 'debate' ? 🙂 Especially now, after public lobbies were launched, people will join to other people's lobbies. And they will be forced to pick a car from the category that lobby host has chosen. And they will never know, if the car they picked has supershort gear ratio, which makes it impossible to win any races with. Or maybe it has some experimental brake and suspension setup that makes it impossible to drive fast. If there's a 'debate' about this at Codemasters, then maybe I should create this big thread after all and explain, why it's such a big deal? Maybe someone is not seeing something?
  10. painisawarning

    How do you repair cars in Grid 2019? Remove scratches?

    I'm afraid that those ugly scratched and dirty cars are 'artistic choice', there's no way to clean your car, ever. Though, selling the car and buying it again MIGHT do the trick (never tested this), but it will work for one race only 🙂 I just hope that @ChrisGrovesMCM will finally raise that issue with the team, because NOONE likes that 'artistic choice'. Because right now, there's no point in spending your time painting your cars... and then finding out that during the race, they look like trash anyway.
  11. Kerbs need some adjusting imho, they can be really comical right now. Some cars just self-destruct when you even think about touching a kerb 🙂
  12. Chris, I would welcome any system, that allows me to reduce the grid size. But I think that 'grid size' setting in a custom lobby menu would be the best, and you even have this setting in the game already - in Free Play mode. If you're worried that capped lobbies are bad for community, etc, here's another option: Instead of 'grid size', give us 'bot grid size' setting. This way, I can host a lobby for me and my buddies, and choose for example 4 bots. But if people want to join my lobby, they can join, and fill all the 16 slots, kicking bots out as needed. And I just want to repeat this one more time: address mutliplayer car tuning issue already, it's really obnoxious, and spoils the multiplayer experience very much.
  13. painisawarning

    Host migration & grid order

    A short description of the problem: Host migration does not seem to migrate the grid order in a multi race event Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): Steam Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): Latest multiplayer patch Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): Custom lobby, public session, race. If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: 2+ players + AI What happened in the lead-up to the problem? Remember: if a bug cannot be reproduced, it cannot be fixed. I created a custom lobby, set it to public, with bots. 5 race event. All races had 'event standing reversed' grid order, except for the ifrst one, obviously. My buddy joined the lobby, we started racing. On race 2 I got disconnected from steam for few seconds, got kicked out from the race, my buddy became the new host I was able to reconnect to the lobby, now hosted by my buddy, before the race ended. In the next (third) race, grid order was reset from 'event standings reversed' to 'random', and that 'random' grid order persisted until the end of 5 race event. If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: N/A Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc.): gamepad If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears: nope, sorry
  14. @ChrisGrovesMCM Adjusting the grid size in multiplayer is more important that one might think. If you choose to play with your friends, with say, 2, or 3 people, you only have 2 options now: 1. to just race against 1 or 2 cars, or: 2. to race against 1 or 2 cars + 13/14 bloodthirsty bots That's why grid size options sounds good. You are not forced to struggle against the hordes of bots, because you can set the grid size up to, say, 8. And race against 2 of your friends and 5 bots only. Car tuning features for multiplayer games has a bigger priority though. Much, much bigger. Because right now, it's impossible to justify the existing (though 'non-existing' is a better word here) system. I can create a separate thread about multiplayer car tuning, if what I'm saying is not clear.
  15. I don't see any other changes or fixes 😕 Livery color bug is definitely still there. No option for setting grid size in multiplayer It's still impossible to choange or even look at tuning options before/during multiplayer event.