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  1. @ChrisGrovesMCM Thanks for the update, I'm glad that those 'feature holes' are being filled now. I would like you to push for another small thing: Can we please have Autosport replay camera control? I want to be able to rotate the camera manually in replay mode, so I can take cool replay screenshots. For those who didn't play previous GRID games - when viewing race replay, you had the same default camera views - bumper, hood, chase, trackside cams. For most of the views, you were able to rotate camera manually - so in chase view, you were not limited
  2. So all 6 cars belong to the same category, and all can race each other? That's what I wanted to know.
  3. I'm a bit confused about the cars. Why you keep mentioning that there are 4 supercars and then 6, and the 4 again? What's the deal with those 2 extra cars? All the six cars are in the seasons -> supercars category ?
  4. Rolling starts are a thing in GT, especially in endurance racing, so I think that's OK. Grid Autosport tyre degradation was ONLY present in Endurance category, on all other categories there were no tyre deg at all. I don't care about tyre deg in a racing game that features no pitstops and where races are overall short, so I don't thing tyre deg belongs to GRID.
  5. After spending some hours in Private Match multiplayer, I would really like to see this implemented: - GRID SIZE - you did it in freeplay, why not in private multi? If we're only 2-3 people, we don't need 13-14 bots in game, but 6 would be nice - TUNING MENU - why tuning menu is not available within multiplayer at all? You can already use tuned car in multi, but you have to tune it outside of multiplayer lobby. - COLLISIONS - please add player collisions on/off for Time Attack mode Multiplayer replays/photomode would be awesome, but I guess I'm asking too muc
  6. While the game lacks a lot of things, there are 2 major things that need to be addressed IMO: 1. career race length Without the option to run longer races in singleplayer, career is not that fun. Why did you think that the race should consist of TWO laps, on a circuit with lap time around 1 minute? I hated when Project Cars 2 forced me to run 2h races in career, but 2 minute races are just as bad. You don't even have time to learn the track, chase the bots or just have fun, it's over after just few turns. This is one of the worst design decisions that you t
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