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  1. Access violation at address 0x6712771b in module 'Grid_dx12.exe' + 0x69771b. Grid_dx12.exe I have a laptop with Win 10 GTX1070 i7 8750H 16GB RAM It seems to happen pretty randomly. Sometimes when I'm just browsing the menus and sometimes even when I'm in the middle of the race. Can't seem to recreate it in any particular way.
  2. I think the most important thing is to have a more feature-rich multiplayer compared to our current barebones situation. A lot of the feedback on this thread have already made some great suggestions. Please work on the multiplayer. I also hope that the future dlc will include much needed modes like Touge, Drift and Destruction Derby. I also wish the career would have been more like the original Racedriver:Grid but it's probably too late to change that. I really want this game to be great.
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