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  1. I was surprised to see yesterday's update did not fix this problem on PS4. The car models regularly show the previous car and you have to go back and forth to get it to display correctly in the selection screen.
  2. Hello Codies. Really enjoying GRID so far. Huge fan of the original GRID and this new one has given me some of those same warm feelings I had back in 2008. I've got a few notes of feedback for you and I hope you take these into consideration. 1) There is a bug I'm assuming you're already aware of where you are sometimes shown the wrong car in the car selection screen. You flip to the second car and it's still showing you the first car. If you flip back and then over again it fixes itself. 2) The default chase cam will often judder a bit when it detects an opponent car getting close to your rear. I find this behavior to be very annoying, as sometimes the camera will be hopping in and out rather frequently if you've got an opponent tailing you closely. Please stop this from happening, or if it's an intended behavior please give us an option to turn it off. I don't like it at all. 3) AI difficulty seems very random per event. Some events are exceedingly easy on Medium, while others are quite challenging. Likewise some races are quite easy on HARD, while other are extremely challenging. It feels like it's all over the place and I hope this can be smoothed out. Thanks for listening.
  3. Digital Foundry pointed out in their video that the Xbox One X version of the game has worse anisotropic filtering, trackside grass, and framerate/screen tearing problems than the PS4 Pro version. Can you please let us know if anything is going to be done to address these issues? I'll be happy to buy the game if these issues will be fixed.