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  1. granroma


    funny, not only did not fix the ffb but those who have xbox one x does not start the game after the update, refund
  2. Good afternoon, Rodrigo is my name, I want to tell you to see if they get an update solving the following problem. Grid 2019, Xbox one: the flyers in general do not have practically anything feedback, even taking the game values to the maximum: 150, I tested it on pc and there if the flyers work perfectly, but in xbox one almost nothing works the feedback, I clarify that my steering wheel is a native Thrustmaster Tx xw for xbox one, but I have many friends who have other Thrustmaster models including friends who have Logitech G920 and we all have the same thing, I hope they solve it soon since it is quite ugly to drive without what the floor conveys you at the wheel, thanks.