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  1. Whoopa

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Really good to see such a quick hot-fix. Now how about adding some more tracks because a lot of my favourites are missing: Mount Panarama Dubai Red Bull Ring The list goes on. I miss them so much lol
  2. Whoopa

    Just Sayin'

    I pre-ordered GRID because I am a massive fan of the franchise but my excitement turned into dissapointment. This is a statement, not a debate. I am dissapointed simply because I had the choice between standard & ultimate editions. I bought standard because I can always purchase the dlc further down the line but nothing on the PSN Store stated Early Access was only availible to the Ultimate Edition, nothing at all. That is BS imo. Come on guys! You should get Early Access for simply pre-ordering the game, not for spending more. Now I have had to sit here for the past 2 days (& 1 more) watching all my friends play it & I can't. I am even unable to upgrade because it is 'already purchased'. All because it was not stated on the store that early access was availible. 😣 I am still going to be hammering it though because all I seem to be hearing is good things. 😊