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    Thanks man ! Much appreciated 👍🏻
  2. daveontop

    Monaco with Gamepad ...

    I do not agree with you ... i always manage to get through that turn quite easily with the pad ... just take it wide when entering the corner and in first gear so you’ll have maximum cornering... also remember that if you dont use the right setup it will be much more difficult to turn...
  3. daveontop


    Hi guys, today i just want to discuss with you on a simple topic , being fast ... and by fast ii mean really fast. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and i’m currently playing in an online leaugue ... by training i managed to get quite good times and i’m happy with it ... i improved by switching off tcs (not totally) and in general , but there’s a problem ... i can’t get close to the top guys and i just can’t get it . After 5 months of consistent playing it seems like i hit a plateau and i don’t know how to get out from this situation ... i thought that the pad was the problem so i bought a steering wheel but i realized that it was not the main issue ... i’m frustrated... i should be at least 1 second faster but i don’t know how to do it ... i made a solid 1.10.0 in monaco as a reference but it is just not enough.. i just want to ask you for some tips on how to get better Times and being more competitive... could you help me ? How can i make it happen ? Thankzz:)