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  1. On 10/5/2019 at 6:19 AM, sektor0083 said:

    -Hello My spec :

    -PC -Game Pass

    -i7 6700 -1800ti -16gb ram

    -game pass (free) + (buy Dirt Year one Pass)

    -game pad

    ok... play game pass version and buy dlc seasson pass and show cant play this code :



    and not create new save




    I am having this exact same issue and cannot even start a race. 

    My spec :

    -PC -Game Pass

    -i7 7700k -1080ti -32gb ram

    -game pass (free) + (buy Dirt Year one Pass) game worked fine before I purchased the DLC

    -game pad

  2. Pretty ridiculous support system it seems, I have the same issue. I just paid a bomb for the game yesterday, installed it and played for a couple of hours only to wake up this morning and I am getting the same error as above. I’ve tried everything in all the other forums to fix it so I came here expecting a solution.....only to find that nobody has even answered this guys problem. Seems I have blown my cash

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