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  1. expectingrain

    Setup melbourne

    The 492
  2. expectingrain

    Listen to the Players

    Dear Codemasters, Can you please listen to what the players are telling you about this new update. The Assists are all wrong, before this update everyone was happy with the cars performance our major beef was with the clowns in grid races. I have to confess I spent over $700 last year(and yes I have receipts) to upgrade my car so I could get an advantage over other racers. For the newer racers here what I learned was: yes my car was upgraded better than most and it gave me a big advantage in GP events to overcome my lack of skill and make me very competitive, but it also made duels more difficult to win as now I was matched against similar PI racers. My aero was at 941 and overall PI set at 1828, but in hindsight I would have been better not to spend money and have the car around the 1200 PI mark. It was way easier to win races at that level. With this update the assists are all wrong and there is simply no advantage in upgrading parts so updating with credits as one accumulates them is still valid as what else can you do with them but to spend any money is just stupid. Codemasters: F1 cars don't drive like the present assists with twitchy cars fishtailing and flying off the road with the slightest mistake. F1 cars have outstanding grip and handling! For me the game has become unplayable. I never enjoyed grid starts because of the clowns (and very rarely entered one) but I did enjoy qualifying races and single races where I could try and improve my lap times. I was very much looking forward to the 2020 season and yes I would have purchased a team car and a season pass but now I am stopping playing because all the enjoyment has gone. While last year I spent $700 (my mistake) I would have this year happily spent $100-$200 for a game I enjoy. It's a relativity cheap sport and entertainment, however after many hours testing and trying different setups the game now is totally wrong and I'm not the only one telling you this its all over this forum and Reddit. I have stopped playing as of now. I will continue to monitor this forum and Reddit from time to time to see if you have ditched the new assist format and re-introduce the old format everyone is asking for. Until then its bye from me.
  3. expectingrain

    Anyone drives with driver's POV?

    I use the drivers POV as its more realistic. The exterior view to me reminds me of the old arcade view. I know most of the faster guys in RR3 use the arcade view and automatic acceleration which amazes me, with the exception of HC (Henry) Drue who is the best of all. Henry uses manual acceleration and in car view so we are in good company although I'm a long way from his level!!
  4. expectingrain

    Big update?

    Worked for me without deleting the message as i didn't know how to delete, but Ive since worked out how to delete the message 😁 To delete the message hold on the message in the inbox and slide left, then you see the delete tab.
  5. expectingrain

    F1 mobile freezes at loading screen after update

    Worked for me. Thanks so much!
  6. expectingrain

    Oh, the feels... 😊

    FWIW The guys are saying that the fastest car is the Ferrari SF90 followed by the McLaren with the Mercedes 3rd. They are judging this from the times in the TT. Luckily I've got the SF90 in the garage, still working on the Renault. For farming M$ the Champions 2019 at Monza 3 laps around 4 mins for $30,000 after that the daily head to head in the Academy car.
  7. expectingrain

    Oh, the feels... 😊

    Remember that your bonus for finishing each stage doesn't count towards the daily 180,000 limit. Either does the 25%, 50%, 75% etc for completion in the 2019 Championship Series. Hang on your gold, most of us have never paid for gold yet we pretty much a full garage all fully upgraded. We tend to maximise team events to get extra gold. Can I suggest you join the forum at myrealracing.club nearly all of us long time racers from RR3 and earlier use that forum. Guys there are all pretty cool and can guide you though the best way to maximise gold. Most of us always carry a bank of a minimum of 10,000 gold at a time. Presently I'm stuck on stage 3 at Silverstone waiting to get more M$ for upgrades. Got the Renault this time around, sound is awful, totally different than my Ferrari, its like an annoying whine! Still I'm thinking the car actually has more grip than the Ferrari but it could be because my Ferrari is FU and the Renault is only at 9/36 upgrades.
  8. expectingrain

    Real Racing 3

    I've been racing Real Racing 2 and Real Racing 3 since they were both introduced and moved to Mobile F1 about 6 months ago. What attracted me here was the full roster of F1 tracks and the duels, In my garage I've got 260 cars 3/4 of which I've hardly driven since i got them. Still a member of one of the top 50 teams and still compete in the team challenges from time to time but frankly after nearly 9 years of RR2 and RR3 I've become bored with the same old tracks I've been around thousands of times and the constant pursuit to upgrade the endless number of new cars as they come out Obviously I'm a huge F1 fan but now having a fully upgraded Ferrari SF90 and finished the 2019 Champion Series and Invitational Series what else is left? Just 5 tracks to race in the rotational daily challenge? Waa I'm bored again. Unless the F1 cars come up in a weekly OMP all Ive got to do is a 2 lap race which I can win easily. I was sort of hoping the next team challenge (OMP) would include the new F! cars but it's going to be in GT4 cars in which I have no interest. So while we all get frustrated with the idiots in this game, it does (at least for me) have far more attraction than RR3 with the variety of tracks . I've sent them a simple fix but I doubt they will listen, meantime I just race the Qualifying and Sprint races and close and reopen the app if I see a Grid start. Ughh! I'll go in and get one more car in another day when they become available to win because I want a Renault in my garage, but don't write off mobile F1 just yet.
  9. expectingrain

    Introducing @CMF1Mobile

    I cant find where the link is to the new forum so I will post this here and hope that its picked up. I already posted the same on Reddit. Fixing the Grid Races My suggestion to fix the grid races and all the idiot drivers who just bash you every race is this: Ghost the cars in grid races unless the both drivers have a safety rating of 3.9 or above. This way the clowns who want to hit you at every opportunity will be racing as ghosts and it will eliminate the problem. They did this in RR3 for OMP and it solved the issue. There are however a huge majority of us who would love to race in close quarters in a real duel without having to deal with idiots. So by setting a default safety rating of 3.9 and above it would allow the more serious racers to enjoy the game the way I think it was designed.
  10. expectingrain

    Events - points calculation

    I believe it's calculated on overall time relative to the other racers. When you finish race 3 check where you are on the leaderboard.
  11. expectingrain

    Introducing @CMF1Mobile

    That's great news. We thought you had forgotten us. Could you please add a link here to the new point of contact. Cheers.
  12. expectingrain

    A few suggestions

    1: Please fix the DRS zone in 1 lap qualifying at Mexico, its not working. 2: Please fix the DRS zone at Russia as it opens at the activation zone not the DRS zone. 3: Please could you identify the bots you have masquerading as fellow racers. I don't mind racing against bots but its false pretences to have them dummied up as real racers. I can pretty identify them these days but to be fair and legitimate they should be identified for what they are. I suggest you call them whatever you like but perhaps they should have a tag like BOT 22. 4: Re Duel qualifying, I don't mind racing against a bot but please eliminate the stutter start. Once you get to 9999 is actually pretty boring to get into a qualifying duel with a bot and then have your car slow down at the start and not give you an opportunity to better your PB. Additionally, please don't give us a bot in qualifying who never makes mistakes and then flies away from you at the start to be .5 sec to 1.00 sec in front before you reach the first corner and can beat your PB by a full 2 secs. You need to factor in that a PB might take 20-50 races to achieve and we are not consistently going to achieve that time. I've spent over $600 to upgrade my car (receipts can be supplied) and I obviously did that so I have a speed advantage. If you want take away that advantage from me then please let me how I can get a full refund. I have played RR2 and RR3 both from their inception and spent a minimal amount on RR3. however when a team member from RR3 got me into Mobile F1, I bought the players pass and beginners pack as I was happy to support a game that gives me many hours on enjoyment. The additional money I spent was purely because I wanted a very fast car, but if you want to take that advantage away from me then, really what is the point of supporting you. 5: Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy this game as I imagine all the people who have taken the time to register and join this forum, but like them I am just looking for a fairer and level playing field. I've read some comments in this forum that Codemasters are not reading or responding to the forum, so maybe what Ive outlined will fall on deaf ears but I'm an optimist and I hope that isn't the case. Please take my comments in the manner they are intended. Cheers and happy and fair racing.