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  1. Pagaud05

    Look back view

    Hey, - the problem is that i cant look back when i am in the chasing view (just behind the car). this is binded to the L2 button. the button works when in cockpit view. - PS4 and playing with a thrustmaster t150 - singel player, career mode.
  2. I am also getting this issue with PC version and T300

  3. Hey, can anyone give me the default settings for the wheel on PS4. I have been messing around with it but don't remember the default settings. There is no button to put them back on default. And i am stuck with the settings now 😞 Thanks,
  4. Pagaud05

    Look back view

    Hello, I have a problem with the look back view. When i am in the view behind the car i c'ant look back. In cockpitview the look back button works. Playing on a PS4 and thrustmaster t150 wheel. Thanks for a respons.