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    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    I'd give the game a solid 70-80% (playing on PC). I'm but 4 6 hours into the game and have completed about a dozen events so far. Playing on hard and with manual shift, I can't tell much about the Nemesis system yet, the AI simply can't compete if I use qualifying - I will have to see for the higher events to tell for sure. In duel the AI drivers feel vivid and try to stand their ground. Graphics and performance in 2k are great but not as smooth as FM7 or FH4 on my machine (i78700k, 32GB RAM, GTX1080, SSD, XBox X Controller), the only real issue I have with the graphics is the very unbalanced lighting, especially in cockpit view. The cars feel different and close to what you'd expect (e.g. nimble, go-cart-like Mini, heavy RWD powered Muscle cars or high-performance and precision formula cars with little space for failures at extreme Speeds). Independent of the multiplayer, the game will offer me dozens of hours of fun. Still, I hope the multiplayer will deliver the fierce experience of the old GRID games. *UPDATE* Calling the solo game a carreer is a bit exaggerated. There's no narrative element or noticeable progress line (as in Dirt Rally). You can start in all classes and unlock new races and cars and that's it. Some call the game a bit repetitive after a while… it's a circuit racing game, of course it will get repetitive (ever watched Formula 1?!). There are no car upgrades in the game, you can chose livery and customize them with colors and you have a very basic Tuning before races. I don't mind, it's an arcade racer, pick your car, don't doctor, race! Cars of a class seem to be balanced, they differ in power and weight and sometimes drivetrain but power to weight Ratio seems rather equal to me. So while differing in behavior, they seem to be equally competitive. About the "team": I have not much of an idea about the team driver you can pick... I think it's an neglectable element. I just get the best driver available for a class and ignore the loyality (if you drive good he'll stay in your back anyway). You can give him commands to support you somehow… but I just focused on the race instead. I really welcome the possibility to qualify with a hot lapbefore a race, a lacking point in Forza games that always ****** me off (especially in harder difficulties). If you place and drive well, the AI won't magically rubberband to your position either . Experienced racing gamers should start at hard or maximum difficulty. Last night I had my first multiplayer quickmatch (a set of three races) against three other VIP buyers, the rest was filled with AI. Positioning without qualifying seemed balanced to me, in the 1st race I started at 13th, in the 2nd at 3rd and in the last race at 7th position. Performance and connection looked fine to me, on the other hand we were but four human players. A full human GRID with today's release will show more. So far, I really enjoy the game. If you want a few quick and fun rounds without much fuzz, it's the right thing. WISHLIST - better lighting or lighting options - point to point races? Are there any? I only see round Courses - performance improvement (at 2k with max settings I got 60fps mostly, but it's not perfectly smooth)
  2. Cockpit lighting in GRID has issues. If you try to play city courses in the afternoon and with rain, you will notice that shaded are darker than night races. When facing the low sun, however, you see virtually nothing. The bloom effect on windshield scratches is especially annoying. I'm forced to change to external view in such races.