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  1. TommyNeal

    The F1 2020 10% discount for Xbox

    It showed up in the store with a 10% discount through my account. I do have the digital and not the Disc. Did you buy the disc from Microsoft or another seller? I would think that if 2019 shows as "Installed" on your console when you access the store it should allow the discount.
  2. Interesting... I find just the opposite. I run AI at 85 and really have to push for a good qualifying lap but gain 5-10 seconds on the faster cars during the race. It does vary greatly on some tracks though. Seems like on the city circuits the AI eats me alive! I run 50% races in career mode.
  3. TommyNeal

    Wheel Upgrade - How Far to Go??

    Thrustmaster is good bang for the buck. I had the T300 and f1 wheel but didn't love it. Haven't tried the TS-PC. I have been through all of them out there for Xbox and just upgraded to the Fanatec Podium with the F1 v2 wheel. For me it was a game changer! So much more detail coming through. Not cheap for sure but the build quality is very good. All metal no plastic and very solid. Quite the improvement for me anyway.
  4. TommyNeal

    Keyboard with CSW Wheel on Xbox?

    I'll have to fiddle with it a little more. I was able to get both custom wheel and custom keyboard selected but the key assignments would not function properly. I am using a stand alone keypad as opposed to a full keyboard maybe that is the problem.
  5. Is it possible to use custom keyboard bindings along with a custom wheel setup? I am able to use my wheel bindings with generic keyboard assignments but can't seem to get it to work with both. Example: If I create a new keyboard binding layout it defaults to the CSW wheel default setup with the new keyboard assignments. And... If use a custom wheel setup it defaults to the default Custom wheel + Keyboard 1 assignments. I can't seem to get both a custom wheel and custom keyboard setup to function at the same time. What am I missing here?
  6. TommyNeal

    FFB in game adjustments?

    So... are there no adjustments within the game for FFB or am I missing something? I am getting no feedback whatsoever on Fanatec Clubsport V2.5.