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  1. I am also seeking answers to the same questions. Fanatec is relatively mute on the subject other than saying it is a Microsoft issue. I do find it hard to believe that if you are able to assign keyboard commands to various functions that there is no way to port that over to the wheel side of things. Perhaps an interface between the wheel and the XB to allow manual assigning of functions. I am also put out with the fact that Fanatec markets a wheel specifically for Xbox that is so handicapped by the ability to take advantage of all of its capabilities. As for the PC aspect of gam
  2. I have been using cockpit view since I started sim racing back in the 90s because it seemed like the right thing to do If I wanted to feel like I was actually driving the car. But this year I was getting frustrated not being able to improve my lap times so... I thought I would try the TV pod view because so many "pro" sim racers were using it. Actually prefer the offset pod view. Well, my lap times improved by 1.5 to 2 seconds! Really ****** me off! A couple of difference's I found was a perceived sense of speed and and of course the better field of vision. The biggest benefit I found was
  3. I just converted to offset T-cam with F1 2020. Been using cockpit ever since I started "sim" racing back in the mid 90s with NASCAR Racing. Always thought it was the most realistic and hated the chase views because of the center pivoting of the cars. Then I had the chance to drive a real car on a real track at the Petty driving school a few years ago. Not even close! Also drove the Indy car the following year. Along with the obvious differences... inertia, g forces etc. and even with limited head movement because of the restraining devices it is a much easier to see your way around the track.
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