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  1. Yeah, I thought this myself too, as the UE is cheaper than then season pass. It makes sense, they kinda want you to buy the game twice, in a way 😹 I will personally wait for a sale for the season pass, I'm not even done with the main campaign yet. So, maybe by the time season 3 drops, the whole season pass will low it's price after a while. I also hope they consider to keep supporting the game after that!
  2. This is actually a nice update there! Really loving all the stuff. Just one question tho, what class are the two extra cars?
  3. Man I'm not even British, but that would be a nostalgia overkill! I would love something like that.
  4. Leocp

    60fps on base ps4

    Man... why did you have to bring this topic again? I was over it by now xD but yeah... deep inside it still bothers me to see this game running at 30 fps. It spoils part of the fun for me... it really does. The only difference between this game and F1/Dirt, is that in Grid there are more cars on track, and I'm not talking about the raw number, but at times there are 4/5 different cars in a race. Never in F1 or Dirt that happens, except in Rally Cross. But still races have shorter grids. I'm pretty sure devs have said that the game would run in 60 fps in all platforms, but they didn't do that. It's obvious that they have issues doing it on base consoles. Still, a performance mode would have been a nice solution, if possible: less cars on track (let's say, half the grid) but better performance.
  5. Thank you for letting us all know the insight if this topic 😁 and sorry for my late response. I imagine that it would not be easy to introduce, as a mode like this literally would need a new infrastructure just for it, the track rotation, even the leaderboards... everything should be made almost from scratch and maintain it on a server... But still, I hope it can become a reality. It could greatly add to the game's lifespan. Just the other day I booted up Dirt 4(after nearly two years! ) and there are still "Community events" rolling and people competing on them. And those rotate daily, weekly, and monthly! All with price money rewards. It is really an incentive to keep playing even if you are done with the game (Dirt 4 is endless anyway with the "my stage" feature, lol)
  6. In another topic, @ChrisGrovesMCM told me that the devs aren't looking to add this mode. So I tought about making a topic, to see if people are interested. And if we are, maybe they can consider it 😋 I'm talking about a mode that is a staple in CM racing games. F1 has it, Dirt games has it, even Autosport had it... Add some daily/weekly/maybe even monthly events connected to race net. Different tracks, car classes, difficulty, even now can add race length. People race, and take a part on leaderboard based on finishing position/total race time. At the end of the week or whatever, you receive in game money according to your position on the leaderboard (let's say, top 2000). Would you guys be interested in something like that? Let CM hear us then! 😁😁
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This was the most requested feature, at least for me. Now I can finally sit up and finish the career! I haven't by now because I was wating for this. Longest races makes perfect sense in this game, more than in others. With this, I think you guys already addressed the most requested features of the game, in mere fourth months or so. Thank you for doing it... other devs just leave their games as they are. I can say that you guys really heard our complaints. But now, we want more! Lol... there are still lessen things that can be addressed, and some things to be added and make the game more interesting. I hope you guys keep supporting the game past this three seasons!
  8. Leocp

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    I see. Thanks for letting us know! Time to create a topic doing a petition about that, to see if it gets considered then 😋
  9. Leocp

    Best way to race in Grid?

    I think I found my perfect way... Hard difficulty, no qualy. In this setting, you can perfectly win multi race events just by being consistent and placing above top 10, and probably getting a podium. For two race events, you probably need one podium and a top 5 at the very least. The fun and kinda realistic thing about this, is that the reverse grid format (per championship placing) makes it so pretty much everyone has chances to place well, so you don't have one chosen rival on the events. At the end, points are all over the place, so it really feels like anyone can win. It is really fun. So, thanks everyone for your feedback. I was able to find my perfect way to enjoy the game 🙂
  10. @ChrisGrovesMCM regarding this, which many people considers it an issue (I can live with it, personally), what about adding a car repair/wash option? So maybe using some ingame money you can restore your liveries to pristine condition? Just an idea 🙂
  11. Leocp

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    Yeah, great update overall. Thanks! Is there a possibility to add something like daily/weekly challenges to the online mode?
  12. Leocp

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    Yeah, why not? A lot of people seem to want it, so it would be a really good idea. What's more, why don't they remaster the entire trilogy (Race Driver, Grid 2, and Autosport) for the current gen. Even without online modes, I think this would be a no brainer for a lot of people. And it can please both who likes the new Grid and the ones who don't...
  13. Leocp

    A good Game now fix these issues please

    I think I discussed this very topic here already. I mean, you are right. Some things should have been there from the start. CM didn't have a good launch with this game, in fact is was pretty bad imo. Still today the game is not top notch quality. So? What are we supposed to do? Keep telling them how great Grid 1 was and this one isn't? Or try to tell them how to fix the game to make it better for all of us that already have it? Let alone people who are on the verge of having it. Obviously, if they even think about releasing a new game, they MUST acknowledge their mistakes in this game and make it way better day one! But in the mean time, we have a game barely released some months ago, a game that can be enjoyed my many, with just a little more work on it :)
  14. Leocp

    A good Game now fix these issues please

    I understand dude. But don't let some comments or post reactions play on your mind. If you come here is because you feel like it. And also, as a free person, you are allowed to like the game as much as you do, just as other people hate it as much as they do and still come here. No one can tell you how you are supposed to think about this game, or anything really. Also, I think that constructive criticism is a good thing always. And on this forums particularly, we have Chris, who reads and actually talks to the devs about our inquiries. Not only that, but also CM is also working to address the issues that WE report them HERE, as shown in yesterday's patch. So there's literally no reason not to come here and tell them how we are liking the game and what things need to be addressed. I mean, most of us payed for the game already. There are things we don't like, they've willing to hear and act... then let's work together! What's even the point in complaining without bringing anything useful? Your game copy will rest on a shelf, your money have been spent, loss/loss situation for someone with that way of thinking. Let's come here, discuss the gaMe, discuss the flaws, let them know the good deeds, have fun! That's all for me...
  15. Leocp

    A good Game now fix these issues please

    I agree with pretty much TC said. Btw, you don't have to leave. I think this place is mostly to talk to Chris and let CM knows about what needs to change and whatsoever. Haters gonna hate, so we should keep doing what we are doing. In our case, try to make CM notice about our thoughts on the game. Anyway... gotta say, I think I never felt like this for a game before, lol. Like ever. With every update I feel like cheering for you guys, to keep improving and working on your game. You are so damn close! A few features more to create a really good racer. I think AI should be reviewed. In some tracks/racing classes, they seem to go slower than they should. But in other, is absolute mayhem and you are unable to catch the leaders. One example of this are the pro truck races. Play on anything higher than normal, and you'll know frustration. Another thing that, for me at least, is a must (now that other things are outta the way) is the signature CM challenge mode, like in F1 and Dirt games. Make some events rotate at least weekly. Add a leaderboard and some money prices according to the finish position on the general table. Maybe add some accolades or liveries? Although I know someone should be making these. Oh, and last but not least... please, please, PLEASE, review the amount of money per race in free mode and online. I understand you guys wants us to play the campaign to make big money, but $600 per race is way too low. At least let it be a couple of thousands, like 10% or slightly less than normal career races.