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  1. There are two core problems with the AI. But first, the good things. They fight with each other, they make mistakes, they defend themselves. That alone alone makes some races more interesting than in other games. On the negative side, they're over aggressive for no reason. I mean, I don't think that Fernando Alonso would ram me IRL in a V8 super car, and also get angry (Nemesis) while doing it. Well, it happens here, and is beyond dumb. Is like the game forces contact way too much. You cannot go without the nemesis system. If you play carefully, the IA will manage to get ****** in mo
  2. It was said again and again. The actual RACING is pretty good. The game is fun for the most part, when you are on track. The races are enternaining.... they should have worked with AI better tho, as some of em are a breeze, and some of em are downright impossible to overtake. Also, on higher levels, it goes over agrressive for no reason. I recently tried PC3 (fortunately haven't bought it) and I think that Grid is superior, tho PC3 has more content. It seems more and more obvious to me that they kinda held Grid down in favour of PC3, cuz that game has all the content that this one lacks.
  3. This is actually a nice update there! Really loving all the stuff. Just one question tho, what class are the two extra cars?
  4. One gripe that I have with qualy is that supposedly it is a "one lap qualy". But you can do it as many times as you want. But also, you cannot configure the car between laps, you gotta advance to the race, configure the car there, and then try to qualify again.... I mean, it is all functional but is kinda weird. I would really love if they can rework the system somehow. Like, give us three laps max. But in between every lap, let us configure the car. Once three laps have concluded, take us to the race at once. Maybe let us reconfigure the car once more, but that's it. Because as it
  5. Please guys... it's been a week from the update already, and career mode is unplayable. I tested the MP during the weekend, I played two sets (six races) with no issues. But there are some people here claiming that MP crashes as well, so idk. In my case, the game just crashed in career mode (base PS4 user)
  6. The game seems to crash while loading. Either before or after an event. It seems to occur randomly. I'm using a standard Dual Shock 4 controller. Please look for a fix, at one time it crashed and caused my saved data to get corrupted. I didn't lose anything because I always backup online, but this is getting serious.
  7. - First of all, I seriously wish you can add a Performance mode for base consoles, like you added in Grid Autosport for Switch. So we can chose a 60 fps mode or 30 fps mode with more detailed graphics. Seriously, my main complaint for this game is that this is the first game from Codemasters in years which runs at 30 fps (I have a base PS4) which in itself is a major disappointment. - Race length options for Career - A "Event" mode, with daily/weekly events to complete for leaderboard and rewards. - New Tracks: Spa, Red Bull Ring, Bathurst.
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