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  1. Codemasters will struggle a lot to make me purchase any of their new games for a good while. As a massive Toca/Race Driver/Grid fan, I waited years for this game to happen, only to have the worst game Codemasters made in recent times. Incomplete, at one point totally unplayable, and with lots of broken promises, like the split screen mode or the game running at 60 fps in all systems. At least they TRIED to fix some issues and added MP lobbies, race length options, and stats. Along with some free cars and tracks to compensate. But ultimately, the game was beyond salvation. Which is
  2. There are two core problems with the AI. But first, the good things. They fight with each other, they make mistakes, they defend themselves. That alone alone makes some races more interesting than in other games. On the negative side, they're over aggressive for no reason. I mean, I don't think that Fernando Alonso would ram me IRL in a V8 super car, and also get angry (Nemesis) while doing it. Well, it happens here, and is beyond dumb. Is like the game forces contact way too much. You cannot go without the nemesis system. If you play carefully, the IA will manage to get ****** in mo
  3. It was said again and again. The actual RACING is pretty good. The game is fun for the most part, when you are on track. The races are enternaining.... they should have worked with AI better tho, as some of em are a breeze, and some of em are downright impossible to overtake. Also, on higher levels, it goes over agrressive for no reason. I recently tried PC3 (fortunately haven't bought it) and I think that Grid is superior, tho PC3 has more content. It seems more and more obvious to me that they kinda held Grid down in favour of PC3, cuz that game has all the content that this one lacks.
  4. So, with PC3 they actually made it seem like Grid was good, right? Or at least, better than this one... is truly unbelievable how CMs reputation fell down to pieces as hard. Btw, Dirt 5 looks like a reskin of Grid 5 in mud/snow races. It will surely run like **** on base consoles, just like Grid did. I think is time to move on, people. CM seriously needs to get back on track, as it is just spinning around since last year. And with new Forza and Gran Turisno games around the corner, they really need to do something good and fast. PC3 is not helping. Just by the early looks, it w
  5. You guys probably have seen it by now, but just in case... here it's the latests racing line from Codemasters regarding the future of Grid Since GRID’s announcement in May last year, we’ve been overwhelmed with the positivity around the series’ return. GRID launched in October to critical acclaim and since then players have enjoyed three new circuits and a half dozen cars to add to their garages all for free, with more cars and Career events made available through GRID Ultimate Edition. Released on Google Stadia at launch, GRID was the first track-based racing title on the cloud-gami
  6. The future of this game is called Proyect Cars 3. I've been saying this for months, and today, it was announced... I mean, isn't it funny than just a month or so after Grid's last DLC gets released, they announce PC3 outta nowhere? Also, the announcement of said game comes with much requested community features, that were largely requested (and misteriously missing) for Grid but never came... isn't that curious too? I don't know guys, as I said, I was calling this for months. Grid 2019 was either rushed when Codemasters and Slightly Mad studios merged (because they were already worki
  7. At first, the topic was about letting you guys about this uninformed change. But as I wrote, I became more and more angry, lol. So it ended being a big rant rather than a feature change that they didn't seem to care, even if it's a bug (the mod does not even show up here anymore, they game is just dead for CM as it is for some of us). So yeah, sorry about that. But probably it's my goodbye topic as well. Probably I'll finish the game during the weekend and will uninstall it for good. Such a shame, it had potential if they would have care for it more than they did. Anyway, I still res
  8. So in the last patch, they changed the rules of the races... Pre patch, if you didn't qualify and go race directly, next races of a round used reverse championship grid starts. Now, for some reason, grid starts are completely random... although the championship runner seems to start high pretty often. This completely kills the thrill of the game, and blatantly makes it another boring arcade racer at it's core. Previously, you could end the race in mid positions and still fight the championship because of the reverse start. Now, it's a simple "chase the rabbit" as most arcade games.
  9. I don't think anymore content is coming. Best case scenario, it could be one more track. But otherwise, maybe they would bring some fixes and call it a day. No one's interested in this game anymore. And I really, REALLY tried. Ultimately, I can't believe how badly they screw it with this. It had it's potential, but for me is the most disappointing game of this gen so far. It is not terrible, tho, but not nearly as good as it should be. The only good thing is the experience we got from this: I'm never again preordering a Codemasters game. Never, ever again.
  10. What can I say? While I like Grid 2019, I think a re release of GAS with all the DLC for like 40 bucks would have been better that what we actually got. The thing with that is that PC players would have been forgotten, as they can still buy and play GAS. But for console owners, would have been way better. And so they could use another year to make this new game better, or release something similar and bigger.
  11. This. Basically this is why remasters of racing games are really, really rare. Not a single Gran Turismo, Forza... hell, even Sega can't properly re release Outrun because their deal with Ferrari expired years ago (the car is slightly updated in latest ports). There are a lot of lisences in these games, not only cars, but tracks, music, even the sponsors on the liveries. It is clearly not easy, as basically no one is doing it. The closest thing is GAS for Switch, which might be still on time to be re released without any lisencing issues.
  12. Yeah, I honestly think they are basically done by now with this game. It is on permanent price drop now, and more than likely they will release Season 3 in the upcoming two or three weeks, and then that's it. Probably all support will end... it has already ended on these very boards, it seems. Such a shame, the game had it's potential but killed itself with the lack of content. They made quite some fixes along the way, but ultimately I don't think many people bought this, and not so many people keeps playing it compared to other games. The reasons are clear: lack of content, bad opti
  13. You know, I have a very tiny theory. The SMS studios thing is a rather new thing for us all, but most probably has been in talks for quite some time, and maybe even it happened way before they let us all know. So maybe, just maybe, Grid was caught in the middle of all that and the game was kinda shafted during development, because most likely Proyect CARS will overwrite this series, TOCA, and all that. It will be CM's multi class racing game. PC3 is most likely coming out this very year, and so Codeasters will switch support from Grid to that one. Grid was just a place holder u
  14. Yep, this. It was promised in an interview, and never ever mentioned again. I don't wanna be that guy, but honestly it does not not seem that this game will get any further support past it's third season. I think what we got up to know, is the most they decided to deliver. They will keep their plans and DLC schedule... and after April, I think it might be it. Chris, the past comunity managger, already moved to another proyect. That alone I think shows that Grid is no longer a priority por CM, and they will anounce something new soon, that most likely will override this game. Which of
  15. This is actually a nice update there! Really loving all the stuff. Just one question tho, what class are the two extra cars?
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