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  1. Also, please dont forget about Collisions being off during HOT LAP events. Collisions on or off should also be an option in Private lobbies / open custom lobbies. 👍
  2. That is great to hear so thank you. But was the outcome of the discussion?
  3. Yes, thats what I want. Thats the way online multiplayer works. Its humans Vs humans. Career mode is Human Vs AI. Before we had the internet or at least modems, career mode/single player was all there was. You want a CUSTOM lobby thats open to anyone, will all options available for YOU to customise. That would include AI [ON] or [OFF]. Thats not a public playlist lobby like quick match, or a touring only playlist etc. So stop confusing the issue. There is no reason they cant do what you want, and get rid of AI in public playlist lobbies. People want to jump into multip
  4. I fail to see what the problem is here. If you go into private match you can add or remove AI. So If CM add a PUBLIC CUSTOM lobby, surely the option for AI would be there. Its a CUSTOM lobby after all. But for all PUBLIC playlist like lobbies, like in the current quick match the AI need to go.
  5. Public custom lobbies, and Online rammer flashback fest lobbies as were on Grid 1, 2 and GAS. With a lobby browser like Grid 1 and GAS. (Grid 1 minus the flashbacks as that was a proper game, also it had full damage all the time and people still loved the game to death) I know the world is full of snow flakes these days, and that's why we have and why we will never see the removal of flashbacks. But full damage adds to the excitement. Good or bad. The risk of killing your car. Its like driving an 80's hot hatch down a B road at speed. Its exciting as there are no computers to
  6. Not in quick match you can't. Just tried it. Me and another human, 14 Ai's... LAME. Private match maybe, but id rather be in an open lobby that might possibly fill up with real people.
  7. I really really hope you have heard the pleas to remove the AI from Online multiplayer completely. This needs to be top of the list. 1st thing addressed. Please.
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