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  1. akaJohnCaesar

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Great tracks but personally I'd much rather they got all the stuff that needs fixing done first, regarding the bigger game issues. Then realese new DLC whilst working out the smaller stuff. I you see all to often games companies release new content whilst there are still major issues. It's a tactic they use to try and distract you from the faults.
  2. akaJohnCaesar

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Good start, fingers crossed the next patch will have the ability to create public lobbies like days of old, so when you go online you choose whatever class you want from the available lobbies. Track limits and penalties, will be somthing to look at in the future but not an immediate concern. Feedback in the xbox one triggers need to be strengthened. There is no feel for traction at all. I believe you've already flagged a similar issue for wheel users. But it makes me glad to see you guys are listening and working from the community's feedback.
  3. akaJohnCaesar

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Yeah 😂 maybe lol, but like this fella the steering is wierd. After an input the steering should go back to centre and the vehicle should travel straight, but instead it still turns slightly to the direction of said input.
  4. akaJohnCaesar

    Floaty or drifty steering (XB1)

    Hey thanks for the input, Currently running 2 on the linearity and 100 sensitivity. The thing with the deadzones on any game I would ordinarily take them to 0, but I can't do this. Note the steer stick left has no white bar, I could take the left side to 0, but the right side of the turn stick has a little white bar, if i take the deadzones down past this make the car will pull to the right. I have 3 controller and its exactly the same on all 3.
  5. akaJohnCaesar

    Floaty or drifty steering (XB1)

    Has anyone else foumd a fix or nah!?
  6. akaJohnCaesar

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    I've tried 3 different controllers now the issues is still the same for me aswell. Car usually pulls to one side straight off the start without touching the sticks. Played with all the settings but can't find a work around. The issue is definitely in the game.
  7. akaJohnCaesar

    Rumble strips

    Yes, kurbs = death ☠ there like black ice, you put your fate into the hands of the Gods if you venture on to the strips without assists.
  8. akaJohnCaesar

    Are Impulse Triggers implemented in GRID 2019? (Xbox One X)

    Yes this, I've done the same things on 150% etc and a stiffer ride isn't really a fix, I really hope it gets sorted, I've been trying to get it flagged up. It's so difficult to drive without feedback, definitely need to up the baseline for sure.
  9. akaJohnCaesar


    Just FYI this issue is also on controller Chris, no feedback on the triggers at all and the the steering is floaty/drifty, wheel doesn't recentre 100% after input and will continue to turn.
  10. akaJohnCaesar

    Floaty or drifty steering (XB1)

    Hmm, yeah that really wouldn't productive and would be a waste of money like you say. Should be able to use a controller 🎮 without issue really. Idk if there is a work around like I suggested with the controller settings.
  11. Has anyone played around with steering linearity, sensitivity and deadzones yet. I have a fundamental issues with the way cars are handling or at the very least how they feel to me. In general the handling of cars feel very.... Floaty or drifty!? When I steer the crs seem to keep turning past more than the input or After I let go of the stick after turning, cars will continue to steer (subtlety) in which ever direction o previous input. Not to dissimilar to the tracking being out. I changed my deadzones left and right to 10 instead of the default 20. Same as issue at default. My left steer registers at 0% but the right steer registers at 5-7%. But as I've said deadzones is only set to ten so this shouldn't be an issue. Any thoughts from you guys?
  12. akaJohnCaesar

    Cars do not drive straight using buttons

    Yeah I've been experiencing the exact same issue on xbox aswell, an overall very floaty kind of feeling from the cars. Did you find an answer yet?
  13. This issue is still happening, for me and several friends. No Internet or console issue, MP on different games is fine. Yet all day on Xbox we have not been able to get on Quick race multiplayer. Says the same as your seeing.