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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    In a friendly manner, redo the whole game. This feels like a demo for a mobile game. The Menu is a mess, we have no settings for MP or SP. Where is drift / drag / hillclimb / crash derby ? The Car selection is nothing less then a joke. Sorry but it looks so obvious that a big amount got cut out to resell as dlc / ultimate edition content. The Ai needs a complete overhaul / rework. On some tracks it just drives like a rocket and on other tracks it's like racing against people that barely find the pedals in their cars. Graphics are washed out and look like the end of xbox 360 / ps3 era even on max PC settings. Cars have weird specs. A ferrari going 240 while a skyline drives 150 in 2nd gear going up to 330 top speed in less then 10 seconds. Sorry but my honest feedback. Redo the game. It's to clear that your main focus is on F1 and the pro series.