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  1. MyMessiah

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    But vast-majority of best selling games HAVE a nice gameplay. But cars in GRID 2019 driving like a soap in a bathroom. So better damage system could at least soften overall negative empression of latest Grid
  2. MyMessiah

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I've decided to play multi with my friend in GRID 2019 and GRID 2 yesterday. We spent a few hours playing GRID 2 and only 30 mins in GRID 2019. GRID 2 is still gives much more fun and positive experience...those progressiion system, car tiers and car uprgades are just great. Also hardcore mode is so much better in GRID 2....
  3. MyMessiah

    Multiplayer Lobby System

    Sometimes I visit this forum to check news, maybe something good will appear (like removing AI, new game mods) but nope. Grim dark present and future for great at past series. I'll never pre-order anything from codies anymore, because this Grid was main gaming disappointment in 2019 for me.
  4. MyMessiah

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    I made my first negative review on steam and guess what game it was 😉