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  1. iekue

    Virtual Mirror Low FPS

    Sounds like the virtual mirror in GRID, has a horrendous fps as well there, like 5fps. Downloading update now on ps4, ill see if mirror is meh for me as well.
  2. Its not the point about seeing it on ultra. The point is that the game looks hella rubbish (and runs only at 30fps, the mirror at like 5fps) on base consoles (see my own direct capture screenshots, that jesped also reposted), while the hardware is more then good enough to have way better visuals with better performance (60 fps), even in own Codemasters games like F1 2019. Its so bad that it actually detracts from the experience, on the city courses its even hard to see a turn coming up due to the blurryness.
  3. While Dirt 2.0 runs at 60fps on base ps4, not 30 like this new game..... Too bad u cnt see the rear mirror in action in its 5fps pixelly stuttery glory in my screenshots 😞
  4. Here are some direct base ps4 screenshots. The game is the actual blurry mess, not the youtube video's or screenshots. Especially on base consoles the game looks rediculously bad (basicly like a ps3 game with a few higher textures on the car u drive urself, mostly everything else is a blur). Yes u notice the lighting etc. is better, but almost everything else is a lot worse then any single other racing game on the consoles, including other Codemasters titles. If u compare it to other games on the same platform, its basicly one of the worst looking racing game on ps4/xone. Hell even F1 2019 from the same developer in the same engine looks way better and runs at 55-60 fps (and not 30 like GRID). The mirror in the cockpit view u can count the pixels while its shugging along at like 5 fps... Great 'immersion' in that view. About that cockpit view.... Yeaaaa even there the detail is just not there, and thats just static textures. U can blame "its not 4k" all u want, but if the "1080" version is so extremely bad, even 4k can not save it. No its not the "bad consoles" or anything, since f1 2019 (and a ton of other games) show a game can look great and run way better even on this outdated hardware without this extreme blurryness. A blurryness and low textures that is also the case on pc and the 4k machines.