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  1. Honestly, PC3 looks like Grid 2020, what this game should be.
  2. I am posting this here on advice from a friend who doesn't use Discord. I did a full lap guide to driving San Francisco GP in Group 1 cars. I currently hold the XBox One record of 1:45.104, though 1:44s are possible and may have already been done on other platforms. I'd recommend starting with the lap at 12:34 of the video, chase cam replay included at 14:34, and then returning to the guide if you are still interested. I've already received some good feedback for how to improve future guides and I was pretty nervous doing it, so please take it easy on me. Constructive feedback is appreciated and hope this helps someone out there.
  3. Kaylos29

    Qualifying place changes when race starts

    Same happens on the XBox. It's a bug when people leave and join during Qualification. Mostly joining I believe. It can be quite annoying.
  4. Kaylos29

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    It's defnitely a bug I noticed. There is a pattern. It takes the colors of the previously used car and applies them to the current livery. So you will have the correct livery, but wrong colors from your previously selected car. Of course that car had the colors from the car before that. It's quite a annoying.
  5. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can use the Super Hatch class in free play if you don't have ultimate edition or buy the season (is that an option?). I think you just get access to Paris, and the ability to use a super hatch loaner in multiplayer if that class comes up. We noticed in private lobbies, that only VIP member hosts could choose the Super Hatch class. Non-VIP members could not. So we had to make sure a VIP member was host to have access to it in multiplayer. I do not know if that host issue carries over into quickmatch, as one player is always the quickmatch host.
  6. Kaylos29

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    I would have agreed with you if Quickmatch had started with zero AI and a lobby join system that filled up lobbies from launch. Ideally there would be some sort of rating system that would create splits to separate the skill levels and create closer racing. Close racing in this game is actually a ton of fun, and capitalizing on that aspect would really have fostered a community around a fun pick up and play racer. Custom public lobbies in that sense would have diluted the player pool. Custom lobbies themselves also will be likely to dilute the pool among themselves more with multiple lobbies with few people in them. Not ideal in a racer that wasn't going to start with a massive pool of players to begin with. People would still have complained, but they could have had something cool and unique. That is not what happened and now the online community is nearly dead thanks to not only the AI, but a lobby system that regularly leaves you stranded with maybe one or two other players instead of a fuller lobby. Even if they revamped it without AI and better player matching lobbies, it probably wouldn't be enough to bring players back. The opportunity to do something cool and unique has passed. Custom lobbies aren't a perfect solution, but should draw some players back, already have the people that have stuck around excited, and can possibly give the game some new life. It's not a perfect solution, but it's the best one. Those who have been lucky enough to experience nearly full private lobbies know how fun the game can be, but few have had the opportunity to experience that.
  7. Simply turn off Wheel and Tyre Friction and it should be just like it was. Like I said, I turned off Wheel Friction entirely and now have Tyre Friction at 80. I tested it with them off and the other settings like they were and it was the same as before. I can understand the frustration, because I was frustrated too until I realized what happened. Hope this helps.
  8. If you are not aware, the latest patch updated the FFB for the wheel. It doesn't appear the baseline was adjusted, but two more options were added that really threw me off until I figured out that they had been added. Wheel Friction - Appears to add weight to the wheel. I had to turn this off entirely add it made my wheel not only heavier, but the feel became very grainy, like it was clicking. This may be because I have the low end Thrustmaster TMX that is a hybrid belt and gear system. The higher end belt systems might not experience the grainy clicking. It may be useful, but I found it heavily overwhelmed the Self Aligning torque. Tyre Friction - Description says it adds resistance to changing the tire angle. What I found is that it did not affect force to turn in, but did make it smoother. With all other settings at 0 and Tyre friction at 150, I could barely tell it was doing anything, but comparing it to all settings at 0, I realized the wheel was much more free wheeling with all settings at 0. At normal settings, the smoother inputs became clearer. I definitely find this useful, though it can slow down counter-steering. 150 was too high, and at 100 seems ok, but maybe still a bit high. Definitely glad they gave us more FFB options. It would have been nice to get some warning before jumping in and wondering why my wheel felt really off and was clicking like mad. Thought there was something wrong with my wheel. Another unannounced update that may be subjective, is it appears they updated the car physics for the Super Modified class, or at least the AWD and 4WD cars. They understeer a lot less and are easier to get to turn in. You can now drive the AWD cars normal without having to slide or drift them, and the 4WD cars are easier to turn in. This may be related to the new car class that has two 4WD (not AWD) cars. I was annoyed to see the 2 of the new cars as 4WD thinking they would handle like the old Super Modified Lancer and Skyline. They didn't, only needing the occasional slight slide to turn-in. It was until I played the Super Modifieds that I realized this adjustment was to the AWD and 4WD system, and not just those two cars.
  9. Kaylos29

    New grid - bad multiplayer !

    It is optional in Private. Private lobbies with friends are the only way to go really, but the community is tiny on each of the platforms and finding them can be problematic.
  10. Kaylos29

    XBox: Sunday GT Group 1 Endurance

    I will be doing a Trial run of hosting a GT Group 1 Endurance Invite only Lobby starting Next Sunday at Noon US Central/6pm UK Standard Time. The goal is get a full lobby for 2 approximately 25 minute races, 1 Street and 1 Circuit track. Each race will be run separately with hot lap qualifying. I will post the results here on the forum. I will fill the roster on a first come, first serve basis. You can post here or message me, Kaylos29, through the XBox. Invite priority will go to those who can do both races. These are long races where the idea is to maintain consistency and stay clean, where you have time to make passes without rushing. I set the time so those from both sides of the hemisphere can race. Hopefully might pull some Western Hemisphere players out of their shells. I put the start time out a week to give participants a chance to practice. I might do a single race test run tomorrow at Silverstone GP, msg me if interested. Sunday November 30th: Shanghai - Ya'an Tunnel Run, and Sydney - Brabham Circuit. Noon US Central/6pm UK Standard Roster 11/16 - Reserves - 0 1. Kaylos29 2. Zodiaaz 3. I Alpha I1764 4. Tw0tone2Fatal 5. Reinesis 6. JakeEPIX 7. STIFFCHOCOLATE 8. I MattYBZ I 9. Twells9612 10. ThisDoorKnobb 11. Pepin le raisin Edit: Corrected times. I had them backward. Noon US Central/6pm UK Standard.
  11. Kaylos29

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    The AI is an option in private lobbies. It shouldn't be in the general public lobbies. With open custom lobbies, I doubt they would remove the option of AI, though I would be surprised to see people use it much.
  12. Kaylos29

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Thanks for the update. Matching faster is good, but I know for me I am perfectly fine jumping into a session already in progress. I do this all the time with the private lobbies we run. Waiting for a race to finish isn't a big deal, compared to waiting for maybe one or two other people to join a new lobby. Ideally it would be nice to pick a car, but that's not nearly as big a deal as not being in a lobby full of other players.
  13. But we don't have that on Xbox 😉 Might be nice though....
  14. Kaylos29

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I have the same issue. I'd love to use cockpit, but even at 55 with a 55" TV, its too far away. F1 has a ton of FoV options with the same engine. Why they didn't add those, I don't understand. Obviously of you are using cockpit, you take it a bit more seriously and well appreciate the options.
  15. I haven't tested the super tourers since the patch. I think these cars are meant to oversteer on throttle. They behaved the same way on Forza and required delicate throttle response. They are the same here, well adjoining easily, meaning too much throttle cause snap oversteer. Also thecats are not very wide and planted like other classes. A classic case of more power than the chassis was originally designed for. The Holden and the Camaro had nearly terrible FFB to indicate overthrottle or to hard off cornering was happening. I actually found the Ford Falcon much better in this regard. Was still tricky to drive, but the FFB would generally tell me when I was giving to much throttle or turning to hard for the speed. I agree it seems the AI has an unfair advantage in this class. The cars are really tricky to drive even if you canfeel what it's doing.