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  1. Honestly, PC3 looks like Grid 2020, what this game should be.
  2. I am posting this here on advice from a friend who doesn't use Discord. I did a full lap guide to driving San Francisco GP in Group 1 cars. I currently hold the XBox One record of 1:45.104, though 1:44s are possible and may have already been done on other platforms. I'd recommend starting with the lap at 12:34 of the video, chase cam replay included at 14:34, and then returning to the guide if you are still interested. I've already received some good feedback for how to improve future guides and I was pretty nervous doing it, so please take it easy on me. Constructive feedback is appreciated and hope this helps someone out there.
  3. Kaylos29

    Qualifying place changes when race starts

    Same happens on the XBox. It's a bug when people leave and join during Qualification. Mostly joining I believe. It can be quite annoying.
  4. Simply turn off Wheel and Tyre Friction and it should be just like it was. Like I said, I turned off Wheel Friction entirely and now have Tyre Friction at 80. I tested it with them off and the other settings like they were and it was the same as before. I can understand the frustration, because I was frustrated too until I realized what happened. Hope this helps.
  5. Kaylos29

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I have the same issue. I'd love to use cockpit, but even at 55 with a 55" TV, its too far away. F1 has a ton of FoV options with the same engine. Why they didn't add those, I don't understand. Obviously of you are using cockpit, you take it a bit more seriously and well appreciate the options.
  6. I think the big point of this picture, is you can see how the window tinting makes the clouds Crystal clear, but the clouds blend into the sky without it. This is a problem even when not in cockpit as well, just not quite as bad.
  7. Honestly, a lot of the cockpit issues seem fixed for me on the xbox for the most part. The forest section of Okutama GP was really dark on sunset and you didn't have headlights. I could only see with the braking line or switching views and that seems corrected. That issue seems to be resolved. the glare can get bad. Here is a comparison between hood, dash, and cockpit when the glare hits and how hard it can be to see in Dash/Cockpit vs other views.
  8. In this photo you can see how bad the glare is, and how the tinting makes it crystal clear. To be fair, the glare was pretty bad in all views though. You can see how the apex is nearly impossible to see.
  9. Kaylos29


    Well, my expectations for FFB might not be high coming from Forza. But it's definitely strong enough on Grid 2019. Not overpowering so, and I've found it quite intuitive to read the car. I also have soft lock on, so as it gets really string, it will suddenly go weak as the car understeers. It doesn't go from too weak to wanting to rip the wheel out of my hands like Forza, and I don't have to spends hours upon hours adjusting it to get it right only to find that setting doesn't work on another car. Try your TMX and see how it feels. It's what I'm using and it seems to work fine. It's the lower end wheel, but maybe the problem is some sort of communication problem with the higher end wheel. I'm on the base XBox One, though I'm not sure that would make a difference.
  10. Kaylos29


    It's a shame this is happening, because my FFB on the Thrustmaster TMX on the xbox is fine and quite strong. Hope it gets sorted out.
  11. Kaylos29

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    At this point in the game, it's pretty obvious not many people are playing online. The online racing needs to be rebooted so that the players that are left can actually have fun racing other people and hopefully word of mouth can get out and start getting other players back. Everyone I've raced with in private lobbies loves how much fun the racing, but few people get to experience this. Unless you are in a private league or have a lot of friends, you won't get to experience it. 1. AI in quickplayer needs to go. It could be improved, but why? The AI ruins races and gets in the way of player racing. The AI rubber bands and is super aggressive in a way it isn't in single player. It slows up in front of you and crashes into you when behind. 2. Improve player matching to get more players into a lobby together. Whatever the solution, we need as many people as are currently online in the lobby put into the same lobby. If there only 10 people online, they should all be in the same lobby instead of separate ones. 2a. Limit quickmatch to one race. This way players can be added immediately to a lobby in progress only needing to wait until the current race ends and there will be more lobbies between races to get put into. The 3 race series are fun, but last too long for matching. You wouldn't want to enter a random series in the middle as a player unless you are joining friends which can be done right now. Limiting it to one race would simply get more players into a lobby together. Even lobbies of 5-8 players can be a lot of fun, which is a massive improvement from a lobby of 2-3 players with 13-14 AI. 2b. Give players in a lobby with only two or three people the option to wait for more players. Really frustrating to get into a lobby with one other person and have a 3 race series start right away. At least with an option to delay, you can try and get more in before starting. 3. Add a league lobby. This can be the lobby with series of 3-5 races. Have it set to one advertised class with tracks listed. Have it start only at set times, like say every half hour. That way people know when to join. Have some sort of ranking system, even if it's just current Global times to set separate splits if more than one lobby is starts, while splitting players to try and keep the lobbies even. 4. Global Leaderboards between systems. I made a racenet account, so it doesn't even have to be in game. Actually use that racenet account you had me make to composite all the systems leaderboards, between PC, XBox, PS4. 5. Optimize graphics for Base XBox One and PS4 systems. Seriously the graphics on the base systems are shockingly bad. If I didn't enjoy the actual racing (at least against other players) so much and have never been particularly tied to graphics, I'd be gone. But even for me, I cannot race without the racing line on corners, because of how grainy the graphics are. It's too hard to spot apexs in the distance because of the blurriness. Marker boards don't stand out as much because they wash out into the background. This actually affects gameplay. And I would not be shocked to find out more than 50-70% of buyers are still on the base systems like me. How many people were lost simply to this one thing. It is seriously bad, and when I compare my graphics to videos of players using the PC or an Xbox One X, I get a bit deflated about how bad mine are. It's not even just previous console bad, but worse. It doesn't even run at 60 fps for the loss, which is even more disheartening.
  12. Kaylos29

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    It's not region locked on Xbox. I play mostly with Europeans despite being American on the Xbox because of my work schedule. That and there seem to be way more Europeans playing than Americans.
  13. Kaylos29

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I'm enjoying it more than FM7. That is probably because I am on a wheel and the controller/wheel balance is much better than FM7. It's more arcade than FM7, as you can take corners faster, acceleration is really high, and braking is lightning quick when compared to the former. That said, I feel the underlying physics are more realistic. IE there is no coasting off the throttle/brake to rotate a car, which is a weird physics quirk of FM7. Rotation of the car really depends on whether it's rwd/fwd/awd/4wd. They're all different. The single player is not greatly robust, but much more enjoyable than FM7 imo, which was a slog. The multiplayer is a mess with only one public lobby full of AI. However, if you can make friends, the game really shines in private lobbies racing other real people. The classes are set with no real cumstonability other than minor tuning of suspension/gears/brake bias, but it keeps the cars close without any wacky rocket or handling builds. You can really just jump in and play and in an actual lobby of people the racing can be close and fun.
  14. Kaylos29

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Cross platform cross-play would improve the online population. I don't see how at this point, as the game takes advantage of system friends to join instead of an in game system, but it would help raise the population numbers for random multiplayer and leaderboards at least. With open lobbies, crossplay would dramatically improve in game play.
  15. Kaylos29

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    The problem isn't just AI. We need to fill the lobbies with people. The way it's set up right now would still mean a low amount of players in a lobby.