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  1. Kaylos29

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    I've had no real issues with the FFB itself. I use a Thrustmaster TMX on the Xbox. I would like a bit of tire slip rumble on braking and throttle, but on most cars the self aligning torque does a good job of letting me know when I'm on the edge of traction and the soft lock of telling me I exceeded it. Braking can be difficult to tell when you are about to lock up the wheels. A Tire Friction Setting and rumble on braking/acceleration would help. Centering on straights is problematic and I had to add a 1% deadzone in order to keep from weaving on straights. https://www.codecmoments.com/grid-wheel-and-pad-settings/ This link shows a Tyre and Wheel Friction setting that I do not have. Not sure why. Does the PC and not the console have these settings? Some cars have very little FFB at all. The Camaro and Holden in Super Tourers, the Ford GT40 in historic GT being the worse culprits. Very odd for it to seem car specific. The aligning torque just feels off or nearly non-existent in terms of communicating loss of traction on the cars. The Ford GT GTE had the same problem as well, but appeared fixed. I will need to test some more. Occasionally after load up, my Wheel will have zero FFB. It has led me to having to test it out before doing any multiplayer. It seems from the complaints, that this is what people are experiencing, which is probably a hardware communication with the wheel error. For me, unplugging and replugging the power to let it recalibrate itself while the game is running usually fixes it the first time, but not always.
  2. Yeah, but the graphics fix just happened today for me, not under the last patch. It was quite shocking the difference, kind of hard to miss.
  3. Kaylos29

    Rumble strips

    Which car are you using? RWD drive cars I've found are the ones that struggle with this issue most. It does affect the other cars, but is manageable and sometimes even advantageous. It also seesm to only happen at full throttle. Even 80-90% throttle seems to make the problem disappear, but not always. It can get quite brutal affecting your lines significantly. This is really bad for RWD cars in mixed classes, like the RX-7 in SuperModified which is already underpowered in that class.
  4. Kaylos29


    Well, my expectations for FFB might not be high coming from Forza. But it's definitely strong enough on Grid 2019. Not overpowering so, and I've found it quite intuitive to read the car. I also have soft lock on, so as it gets really string, it will suddenly go weak as the car understeers. It doesn't go from too weak to wanting to rip the wheel out of my hands like Forza, and I don't have to spends hours upon hours adjusting it to get it right only to find that setting doesn't work on another car. Try your TMX and see how it feels. It's what I'm using and it seems to work fine. It's the lower end wheel, but maybe the problem is some sort of communication problem with the higher end wheel. I'm on the base XBox One, though I'm not sure that would make a difference.
  5. Kaylos29


    It's a shame this is happening, because my FFB on the Thrustmaster TMX on the xbox is fine and quite strong. Hope it gets sorted out.
  6. Also fixed the base console graphics. @ChrisGrovesMCM I'm surprised this was not mentioned. On the base XBox, the grpahics are entirely crisp now instead pixelated, the FPS seems to be running at 60 now, and the rear view mirror is up to 30 fps from the 3-6 fps it was running at and completely clear. Only cockpit view seems to suffer some graphics downgrade/some pixelation on the track and the car rear mirror is pixelated. All other views though, wow!
  7. Umm... WOW! I thought patch was just supposed to fix the crashes on my Xbox. I was was not expecting a complete fix for the graphics. The game looks awesome now even on the base Xbox now. Completely crisp. It looks entirely different. Even the rear view mirror works at more than 3 fps now. I noticed a a drop in graphic quality in cockpit sadly, but still a massive improvement. Edit: My initial testing on physics, I didn't notice anything different using the cars I normally use. Then I jumped in the Ford GT GTE, a car I wanted to like, but couldn't control. The FFB on my wheel was off with it, not giving me any feedback. I would be constantly oversteering on a car you would expect to understeer a lot. That has been fixed. The FFB is working on that car now and the physics of that car feel planted like the rest of the Group 1 GTE class. It's actually enjoyable to drive now. So it seems they may have gone back and fixed some cars. I'll test others later, no time now. Maybe the Ford GT40 is drivable now.
  8. Kaylos29


    Fair enough, but its more options than you get in career, I get what you are getting at though. An actual season/year long type schedule.
  9. Kaylos29


    You can in freeplay. You have the option to choose up to 5 tracks for a series in addition to the car class, and set the laps for each individual track.
  10. Kaylos29

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    At this point in the game, it's pretty obvious not many people are playing online. The online racing needs to be rebooted so that the players that are left can actually have fun racing other people and hopefully word of mouth can get out and start getting other players back. Everyone I've raced with in private lobbies loves how much fun the racing, but few people get to experience this. Unless you are in a private league or have a lot of friends, you won't get to experience it. 1. AI in quickplayer needs to go. It could be improved, but why? The AI ruins races and gets in the way of player racing. The AI rubber bands and is super aggressive in a way it isn't in single player. It slows up in front of you and crashes into you when behind. 2. Improve player matching to get more players into a lobby together. Whatever the solution, we need as many people as are currently online in the lobby put into the same lobby. If there only 10 people online, they should all be in the same lobby instead of separate ones. 2a. Limit quickmatch to one race. This way players can be added immediately to a lobby in progress only needing to wait until the current race ends and there will be more lobbies between races to get put into. The 3 race series are fun, but last too long for matching. You wouldn't want to enter a random series in the middle as a player unless you are joining friends which can be done right now. Limiting it to one race would simply get more players into a lobby together. Even lobbies of 5-8 players can be a lot of fun, which is a massive improvement from a lobby of 2-3 players with 13-14 AI. 2b. Give players in a lobby with only two or three people the option to wait for more players. Really frustrating to get into a lobby with one other person and have a 3 race series start right away. At least with an option to delay, you can try and get more in before starting. 3. Add a league lobby. This can be the lobby with series of 3-5 races. Have it set to one advertised class with tracks listed. Have it start only at set times, like say every half hour. That way people know when to join. Have some sort of ranking system, even if it's just current Global times to set separate splits if more than one lobby is starts, while splitting players to try and keep the lobbies even. 4. Global Leaderboards between systems. I made a racenet account, so it doesn't even have to be in game. Actually use that racenet account you had me make to composite all the systems leaderboards, between PC, XBox, PS4. 5. Optimize graphics for Base XBox One and PS4 systems. Seriously the graphics on the base systems are shockingly bad. If I didn't enjoy the actual racing (at least against other players) so much and have never been particularly tied to graphics, I'd be gone. But even for me, I cannot race without the racing line on corners, because of how grainy the graphics are. It's too hard to spot apexs in the distance because of the blurriness. Marker boards don't stand out as much because they wash out into the background. This actually affects gameplay. And I would not be shocked to find out more than 50-70% of buyers are still on the base systems like me. How many people were lost simply to this one thing. It is seriously bad, and when I compare my graphics to videos of players using the PC or an Xbox One X, I get a bit deflated about how bad mine are. It's not even just previous console bad, but worse. It doesn't even run at 60 fps for the loss, which is even more disheartening.
  11. Kaylos29

    Where is this location

    I didn't think I'd like the Street tracks, but am finding I Like them more than the circuit tracks. I'll be very interested in Paris.
  12. Kaylos29

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    It's not region locked on Xbox. I play mostly with Europeans despite being American on the Xbox because of my work schedule. That and there seem to be way more Europeans playing than Americans.
  13. This is simply an informational post based on my experience driving the cars and track time data I collected. I've attached an excel spreadsheet with the times I've collected so far. I've finally completed the 1st tier of cars, but the start of the data is included for the others. I'll do a quick review of the TC-2, Muscle, Tuner Modified, and GT Group 2 cars. I will say I was pleasantly surprised for the most part to find these classes relatively balanced, with minor and one big exception. Also, for a reference, I use a wheel. Controller users might find how cars handle different. All cars were driven stock with these times in the data, with the only exception being the older muscle cars having the suspension and roll bars stiffened slightly to better match the Camaro SSX and Challenger. TC-2 Class - Probably the most balanced of the classes I've raced. The data was a bit all over the place, surprising even me to have each car top a different track. It was really hard to fully separate the cars. They all handle similarly with maybe subtle difference. The Ford Focus felt the most twitchy and seemed to require steadier inputs to get the most out of it. The Audi is probably the best car, easily the most consistent and easiest to handle. Muscle Class - We should rename this the Challenger class. The Challenger is simply faster no matter the track, with much better acceleration than the other cars and 15 mph better on the top end. It's not the best handling car, as it can understeer on entry a bit more, but it's not much difference. Nor is it the worst handling. It's a shame one car is so dominant, because the other cars are much closer in performance. The Firebird, AAR Cuda, and the Camaro SSX are pretty similarly matched. The Camaro SSX beats the former two in higher speed tracks with better acceleration on the high end, but the Firebird and Cuda seem to accelerate better out of slow corners. It's pretty tight though. The Mustang is a slight step down in handling and accleration from the the former three, but not too far. The Camaro Z28 is the dog of this class, with the worst accleration, worst cornering at any speed, and the lowest top end. Tuner Modified - The top 2 cars for me in this class are the Datsun 240Z and Honda S2000, with each preferring different style tracks. The Honda really likes tracks with corners that flow better, while the Datsun 240Z seems to prefer the harder braking, accelerate out cornering. The Skyline handles very similarly to the Datsun and I've seen some players match and beat me in the Datsun with it. For me, it was just a touch off the pace compared to the former. The Nissan 300ZX is interesting. It has the best top end by 5 mph. It has a really floaty type of handling that seem to make it difficult to get the most out of it. I was generally just behind the pace no matter the track with this car. I think a bit of tuning may be required to really get the most out of it. The Subaru BRZ is the Camaro Z28 of this class. Lowest top end, worst accleration, and the worst handling. The car feels great to drive, but is simply slower in every aspect than the others. GT Group 2 - This class is almost as balanced as the TC-2 class. For me though, the Mustang GT4 was simply better than the other cars, with slightly better handling and acceleration. It was also the only car that seemed to like throttle steering in class. The 350Z GT4 and Aston Martin GT4 came close, but not quite. The 350Z GT4 was the easiest of the cars to drive. The Aston Martin really liked the inputs to be smooth as possible, and wasn't as amenable to the rear sliding out as the mustang and 350Z were. For me the worst car was the Porsche 997 GT4. I will not say it's actually that bad. I simply can't seem to get a handle on driving Porsche's regardless of the game. It's incredibly tricky with the wheel and I was constantly spinning out. I see it performing well on the leaderboards, so I'm going to chalk this one up to the driver. The Camaro GT4 was the worst car for me of the bunch of the cars I could manage to drive. Just off the pace, I wasn't able to take corners as quickly as I could with the other cars. Grid Car Data2.xlsx
  14. Kaylos29

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I'm enjoying it more than FM7. That is probably because I am on a wheel and the controller/wheel balance is much better than FM7. It's more arcade than FM7, as you can take corners faster, acceleration is really high, and braking is lightning quick when compared to the former. That said, I feel the underlying physics are more realistic. IE there is no coasting off the throttle/brake to rotate a car, which is a weird physics quirk of FM7. Rotation of the car really depends on whether it's rwd/fwd/awd/4wd. They're all different. The single player is not greatly robust, but much more enjoyable than FM7 imo, which was a slog. The multiplayer is a mess with only one public lobby full of AI. However, if you can make friends, the game really shines in private lobbies racing other real people. The classes are set with no real cumstonability other than minor tuning of suspension/gears/brake bias, but it keeps the cars close without any wacky rocket or handling builds. You can really just jump in and play and in an actual lobby of people the racing can be close and fun.
  15. Kaylos29

    AI in Mutilplayer

    I could go into the problems with the AI in MP, because they don't act like they do in SP. It's not worth it though. The AI simply needs to go in MP. They ruin races. I've made enough friends to get private lobbies going and it's a whole different game that is a ton of fun to play. People are not getting to experience this with quickmatch and they should. If you are on Xbox and need real players to race with, friend me and I'll get you in races with real people.