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  1. I have the same issue. I'd love to use cockpit, but even at 55 with a 55" TV, its too far away. F1 has a ton of FoV options with the same engine. Why they didn't add those, I don't understand. Obviously of you are using cockpit, you take it a bit more seriously and well appreciate the options.
  2. At this point in the game, it's pretty obvious not many people are playing online. The online racing needs to be rebooted so that the players that are left can actually have fun racing other people and hopefully word of mouth can get out and start getting other players back. Everyone I've raced with in private lobbies loves how much fun the racing, but few people get to experience this. Unless you are in a private league or have a lot of friends, you won't get to experience it. 1. AI in quickplayer needs to go. It could be improved, but why? The AI ruins races and gets in the way of
  3. It's not region locked on Xbox. I play mostly with Europeans despite being American on the Xbox because of my work schedule. That and there seem to be way more Europeans playing than Americans.
  4. Cross platform cross-play would improve the online population. I don't see how at this point, as the game takes advantage of system friends to join instead of an in game system, but it would help raise the population numbers for random multiplayer and leaderboards at least. With open lobbies, crossplay would dramatically improve in game play.
  5. The problem isn't just AI. We need to fill the lobbies with people. The way it's set up right now would still mean a low amount of players in a lobby.
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