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  1. LaPremierrre

    Problem with balancing

    But why you think you must qualify at 1 place? They made it unbeatable for making more interesting for you the race itself. As for me, usualy I starts just from that 14th position, and there are a lot of possibilities for improving up to 1 position. its just the game itself.
  2. LaPremierrre

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    Codies can be really proud, that now they started to make games not for massive community, but for the people who can understand. They do really good game, not playing up to somebody. Here, as I've already mentioned at previous page, they got the best from Grid and Grid 2 and made the best ever arcade game system. Its for talented people, and it gives GREAAT enjoyment to them. You have to follow them, make efforths upon yourself - and then, may be, you will also feel the same! Yes, content is poor, multiplayer is that, but game mechanics itself, in solo playing, is exellent.
  3. LaPremierrre

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    You mean I have another account? Yes, I forgot to confirm that account in a week, and the system killed it. Now its dead, I cannot enter, - so, I made new. Thats all.
  4. LaPremierrre

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    First four points - its about toys for babies. Looks like, the game made for adult people, which remember Grid and Grid 2. Race length... you can chose track in quick game. AI really rams you, it spoils, but generally AI looks good: its interesting to play against it. No direct catch-up, they keep relatively real speed, but also keep tense. One of the best AI systems I know. (Dont tell me I noob, I have 3500 online wins in previous Grids). Team management - useless thing, buy "management" game, not racing. Great that such stupid and boring things excluded. Cars are really different, everybody interesting, great! About easy - already said: I play on Hard, its interesting enough. Of course, multiplayer is dead, its real problem, not other you mention. Forgot nemesis, it needs to be imroved, but has right for existance. Drift... its really strange thing, for amateurs. I played a lot in Grid, in Shift, mostly in Juiced (the best), but still dont understand exactly, what I must to do, what they want from me. Who like to move sliders, can do it offline, without other players' time killing. Fuel managenent? Its Grid forum, son, not F1! We go for 5 minutes race, wnat a tyres problem? You can shut commentators, I did it first day. Multiplayer is dead, its real problem. Also AI railway. But CAR HANDLING IS BEST EVER FOR ARCADE GAMES! They got Grid and Grid 2, best of both, and made very interesting and quite realistic model! It provide great enjoyment! I burn and then watch each career race! Never I felt myself such degree good in career regime. If you cannot feel it,you loser, nobody can help!
  5. LaPremierrre

    How To Create True Rally Game

    I didnt catch your point: so, you believe FUEL technology would be not useful for track generator building in rally game ? Or yoy think track generator itself not needed? Your argues are really strange. For example, if I tell "each track passed only once" I mean it passed without restarts and external training, each driver use first attempt experience during second, but it means very few. If rallies same place every eyar - it does not mean each special is to be sucked thousand times during these years. Watch to total amount of specials' length for each rally and compare it with the same value in games... the first is several times more, and rally Finland does not consisn only from Ouninpohja, but it includes, above special, hundreds of intermediate roads' kilometers. The very idea of rally competition, I repeat, concentrated in words "driving by unknown road with pacenotes", and any tendentions now are very far from the point where they could eliminate this idea. And as for me, I mean just the type of gameplay. Now rally games offer us not rally, but "crazy hoplap" gameplay. And its rather OPPOSITE POLE of that what supposed for rally simulator. And its just the reason of track generators beieng involved. Its the future of rally gaming. If we chew over the same squalid tracks for 5 years, and new releases continue with the same - its evident dead end. As for forza horizon... I played 2 month FH4 and, may be, 4-5 FH3, but I kbow EVERY roads both games. Its not that what needed. Also this game practically does not support racing wheel. Yes, I got 3 place in FH3 grand challenge with ancient MOMO wheel (because my DF GT was not supported), but it was very uncomfortable and demanded too unnatural, boring efforts. Joystick players there has great advantage. And, looks like, the game still does not work. Video at this page is dead.
  6. No, now I shall not discourse on physics improvements. Now physicas is not ideal, but at least eatable. I mean basic gameplay type changing... first step to which was made in Dirt 4. Dirt Rally is not rally simulator by simple reason that in rally driver pass each stage only once, he move on very long dustance, hundreds of kilometers, being guided by co-driver notes. So, not unlimited track sucking for many years, but ADVENTURE at unknown area, - its that what has to be the aim of the simulation. In Dirt 4 (and then in V-Rally 4) steps were made.... but they did not reach destination point. Nor puzzle method, neither road net track generator does not give true rally experience. We need really HUGE worlds with thousands of kilometers, avaiable for adventure. May be, somebody believe, that its impossible - to create such worlds generator? But we know, that such generator already exist. Ten years before, in 2009, Codemasters released the game named FUEL. Racing events in post-apocalyptic world. This game till this time mentioned in Guinness book as a game with the most huge game world. This world is really infinite. You must spend many hours for cross it from one edge to another. It has dozens of sub-locations, differ one-another by landscape type, and each of this locations is much, much larger than any racing game world. Then, picture here is quite not bat even for present time, with daytime and weather effects, different objects like dead cities, factories, airports,dams, and also small houses and so on. Below you can watch examples. But, then, the weight of the game is THREE GB. Yes. Its looks fantastically in comparison with new Grid, where in 64Gb we have quite squalid content. It means, that all landscape is not hand-made, but just GENERATED - otherwise it would be simply impossible to build all these! Although practically never we meet here some discrepances, some unnatural breaches, incorrectly located objets and so on: everything is monolithic with great multiplicity - even no copy-paste feeling in landscape creation! So, its absolutly clear, that with SUCH technology it would be easy to create basic content for 15 WRC location, for example, and generate each time before race 300 km of roads in absolutly new world! With modern hardware it would be of really good quality! And it would be true rally gameplay! The only problem - to find the way of pacenotes generation for each road, but its not critical, I believe. So, the technology exists, and Codemasters has some deal to it. French guys worket it out probably quite live. I think, the only problem is that guys from Kylotonn would not find them first. And its the wat for creation of true rally game with fantastic experience!
  7. LaPremierrre

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    Sorry, but where are in-game videos, like this (what is really impressive):
  8. I cannot agree with this. Dont know about developers, but publishers operate in disreputable and dirty way. Upper I asked "what about they thought"... the answer is practically clear: "these pigs will eat anyway". That we are pigs - in such way they treat with customers. Previous parts of the series, especially Grid 1-2, were high quality and rich-content products. Under the same title they release this, which absolutly dont correspond to the expectations, based on previous experiense. But the price is even of higher level. As a fact, they deceive people, old fans and others. I think, such behaviour dont worth of indulgence, we have to give proper names to the things.
  9. Thanks for this good generalization. For me its really interesting: what about they thought while producing all these? Did they really believe that somebody will like this? Or they dont want at all, that people would enjoy their product and has some other aims? May be, they recieve instructions from World Goverment, or from Great Council of Reptiloids? Its really designing.
  10. Yes! I saved my money, they gone back! ...Interesting fact, that in first Grid many people from poor countries were happy playing online with pirates version. But now developers taken care on pirates version popularity in some other way....
  11. I am the old fan of Grid. I have 1500 online wins in RD GRID, and 2000 in Grid2. I had great expectations for this new Grid, because driving in promotion movies looks very good. Now I disappointed greatly. I dont need such game for such money. Yes, game mechanics generally looks really good, its something between Grid and Grid 2, much more realistic than both and quite funny. Even with past-decade acidic and dull a bit picture it could be good. Even with so little amount of tracks (with really strange great 67Gb weight) - it could be good. But it practically has no multiplayer! And its no matter, that game crashes 2 times of 3 attempts to enter this option, and then disconnect come soon, if not crashed. It will be probably fixed later. But the system itself!... I spent two years in Grid 2. Each night we fighted in hardcore session... it was true war, it was unbelievably great! Its just that, what I expected from new game also. But here its totally impossible. Because here we have not such rooms, as well as sessions' list, made the lion's share of first Grid and series generally success. We have only random match without choise of something. Each time you will play with other players, most of which will run away after first race by different reasons, like it already checked in DR2. Yes, we can create our own session. But how to attract players there? I have more than 100 friends in steam, the half of them from rally, other - from Grid.... but even they will think before entering, when I invite, because I wins too often. I skipped Grid Autosport, many friends now dont play at night.... for struggle we need not friends, but rivals! Which forced, may be, to play in this hardcore room as well as me! It will be the battle, it will be the game! Now - NO game. Especially nice, that we see AI cars in online sessions. FOR WHAT A HELL? Who asked for it? Its simply unbelievable stupid and destructive. It was stupid and ugly in rally, especially in rallycross, but here it simply kill everything. If somebody wants to play with botes - he can go offline. Here they only destroy the game. We played without this **** for decades - but now we forced to eat it. NO! Do it yourself! Technical problems simply crown game fail. Everything worked exellent with comfort system in RD GRID, worked good with less comfort in Grid 2, but now, with minimal system, it does not work. Its true Nemesis! No, if you will spit out to old fans' eyes in such way - they will go away. As for me, now I demand my money back.