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  1. And i also have to emphasize again, that at in initial game version no such problem I have now.
  2. The picture become rippled from the first moment. Also its hard to control car because response is late. Yes, i tried to play after removing config, it loaded optimized defaults of 1920, and everything was the same. May be, at lower resolutions it could be a bit better, but not much better, I think.
  3. You dont read what I write. First, 456.71 drivers are latest, and just for latest drivers they added GRID mentioning. Then I wrote NO CRASH, but FREEZE.
  4. I wrote I've installed last nvidia drivers with GRID mentioning in title. What else can do player? No crash, game simpy freeze permanently. Rippled picture, late response for my action, impossible to play. Also I/ve downloaded initial game version, it works well. Usually game works bad at start, then by updates developers make it better. But now we see some opposite.
  5. So, first time I refunded money at Steam by the reason of multiplayer absense and other things forced very many people to do the same. Then I bought second time and send it back by the reason of Autosport physics return. I played Grid 2 for two years, made 2000 online wins, but Autosport occur unplayable for me for this ugly car handling model, while the new one, 2019, was really good - so, the solution was too stupid and destructive. Now I bought at sale for low price... in strange way I found physics is OK, although it became more easy, than it was initially. But I cannot play
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