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  1. ixRaz3r0x41

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    My starting problems were solved when changing windows defender setting (control panel > Security > Realtime protection and Manipulation protection turn that off and the game may start). No message, no log file & the support is awkward. Have fun, but the game isn't what i expected after the experience from the older releases and all the trailers. I lost my fun with it.
  2. ixRaz3r0x41

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    Just returned my version and requested the charge-back on steam. Tested now three days. That wasn't what i expected. Also the pricing went down to under 40eur much lower to what i paid (indeed for premium).
  3. ixRaz3r0x41

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    Cannot launch Grid Ultimate edition. no error, nothing in event vwr, no logs... steam just showes starting, hourglass, syncing, thats it. Full re-installed on C: didn't change anything. Grid2 & Autosport running perfect. i7-3770k + 980gtx, 16gb, w10