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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hi, (sorry for my english, google translate) so here are my requests / suggestions some of which have already been addressed by other people - Improvement of the graphic quality, sometimes it is good and sometimes extremely vague, the rendering changes from one race to another (for info I speak of playstation 4) - multiplayer lobby list (at a minimum) for those who are not interested in some cars category, and the top would be to be able to create public lobby - no AI multiplayer, it's really unpleasant and annoying - the simplicity of the settings of the car is very good, and unlike other comments on this forum I do not want it to be pushed further, otherwise it must take assetto corsa / project cars / rfactor ... and not a arcade game like Grid, on the other hand it would be nice if you change the tuning of the car for a circuit, the backup of this setting is specific for this circuit and not for the car in general as it is the case now, which requires having to remake the settings systematically (provided you remember :) - the ranking of world and friendly times at the end of the races, this options is already available but to see them it is necessary to launch the replay and leave so that the times appear in the menu of end of race (always on playstation 4) - a better visual in the race creation menu, an image of the select circuit, image of available cars from the select categories, which would be simpler when you do not know the name of all the circuits or all the cars in a category... - the addition of a drift mode as in "Race Driver Grid" would also be apressable - more of all bug fixes already known PS: Despite the bug to change and improvements to be made, a big thank you to all the teams at Codies for the return of Grid, I've been waiting for many years, what a pleasure to be able to play this franchise since RaceDriverGrid, it's really cool and fun