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  1. No, I had no other SC appearances since that. I stopped the game though, since the career mode was pretty boring in season 3 and quite repeatable.
  2. That seems like a very generic question. Every question you made, I have already asked it in the topic title. Regarding any video, I haven't got any. I didn't save the highlights and I have processed in the game. This happened in my 1st race and I am now in the 6th.
  3. In the 1st corner of the AUS GP, HAM tries to overtake me and spins to the gravel, causing a slight traffic problem. Yellows come out, and then SC comes out. However, HAM was able to continue the race and I waited 3 turns for the SC to go into the pits for absolutely no reason. Then, in the same GP, at lap 12 (or 13) VER tries to overtake me again in the same corner, and he spins, facing the other way blocking Stroll who was right behind him. Stroll, for some reason stops instead of overtaking him and then the rest of the pack that where a couple of seconds away, come full speed, even though there where yellow flags. 3 or 4 of them withstood terminal damage and 3 or 4 went to the pits to change front wings from all these collisions. Yet, there was no SC deployed for some reason.
  4. Sometimes AI drivers that start the race with the soft tires, make their pit stop (in 25% races) after the 50% of the race (for example, if the race is 14 laps, they do their pit stops at lap 8 ) but choose the hard tires instead of the medium ones and they lose places. This thing mostly happens to my teammate Leclerc which is pretty annoying since I am leading the race, I change to mediums and he pits a lap or two after me and changes to hards falling from podiums places to 6th or 7th.
  5. Yesterday, during the Hungarian GP, was the 1st time I encountered SC during the race. It came after Norris's engine broke. It was lap 4 or 5 and the scheduled pit stops were around 6-7 for all teams, so we all jumped on the the pits. The problem was that I was 5th or 6th at the time but I couldn't leave the pits because the Toro Rosso in front of me has blocked my way. These are the videos from that incident. P.S. I am by contract the 1st driver of the team. I change my pit stop (I always go 1 further lap to avoid traffic) and my teammate ALWAYS comes the same lap as me. Shouldn't the team change his pit stop when I change mine? pit_back_2.mp4 pit_front.mp4
  6. I was playing today in Hockenheim and I had 3 different incidents as I was on my fast lap. At least two of them was during my last lap in Qualifying (short). I seriously can not remember if the other was during practice, but it doesn't matter. So I have uploaded two videos and 3 pictures. (The 3 pictures is when a Toro Roso left the pits and went in my way). 20191227_223039.mp4 20191227_221258.mp4
  7. Oops, my fault. I didn't see the option to change from wets to dry right above the compound select. My bad. However, I still find bizarre that Butler didn't go for another run and the fact that they should have made a quick pit stop for dries.
  8. This is a persisting issue from F1 2018. When I go on a flying lap either to perform practice tests or qualifying laps, there is always someone exiting the pits and interfering with my lap.
  9. I bought the game today and I started my career. In the very 1st race, the Qualies where made in mixed conditions. I am running short qualifying. I made my 1st run with the Inters and when I saw that the conditions hadn't improved, I went for another one with fresh Inters. Then I saw that most of the AI went for softs. So, I didn't complete my lap but went straight into pits. I believe irl, there should be more info about when to leave the pits and which tires to use or in situations like that, or make a quick pit stop to fit the proper tires. Anyway, they took their time to take me inside my pits, time which I lost and couldn't go for another lap. And the most bizarre was that even though most of AI went for softs, I couldn't choose other tires than Wet and Inters. Finally, only Butler and me completed our laps with Wets, which I also find odd.
  10. spirus91

    Changing teams - probably a stupid question

    How do you disable the mid season transfers??