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  1. In the 1st corner of the AUS GP, HAM tries to overtake me and spins to the gravel, causing a slight traffic problem. Yellows come out, and then SC comes out. However, HAM was able to continue the race and I waited 3 turns for the SC to go into the pits for absolutely no reason. Then, in the same GP, at lap 12 (or 13) VER tries to overtake me again in the same corner, and he spins, facing the other way blocking Stroll who was right behind him. Stroll, for some reason stops instead of overtaking him and then the rest of the pack that where a couple of seconds away, come full speed, even though there where yellow flags. 3 or 4 of them withstood terminal damage and 3 or 4 went to the pits to change front wings from all these collisions. Yet, there was no SC deployed for some reason.
  2. No, I had no other SC appearances since that. I stopped the game though, since the career mode was pretty boring in season 3 and quite repeatable.
  3. That seems like a very generic question. Every question you made, I have already asked it in the topic title. Regarding any video, I haven't got any. I didn't save the highlights and I have processed in the game. This happened in my 1st race and I am now in the 6th.