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  1. As the title says, why are there hardly any online events on DR1 stages? I don´t like racing against AI offline, and it feels the DLC stages are just wasted and I would love more variety. How do you guys feel about this topic? Is it just me ? I also wonder what percentage of playerbase owns the DLC.
  2. Well, yeah, but still I wish they tweaked it manually when they see this is about to go live as a draft. Not even the locations, only the car classes for Weekly/Monthly, would take only couple of minutes each week and it would add a lot more variety.
  3. Railx

    Challenges draft

    Yeah, doesn´t seem the case. I went from the first H1 -> Evo X -> R5 + the free cars. I really wish they removed H1 altogether, so many wasted challenges and I personally really dislike playing Career. Would be nice if there was an option to disable all FWDs, but kinda impossible.
  4. Railx

    Challenges draft

    Yeah, there is definitely too much of these two, especially the H1 FWD. Like who would drive that? And in the past two months there has been like 2 dailies for 2000cc, shame.
  5. Railx

    Challenges draft

    So, I went to check the challenges for this week/month... 3 weeklies are R2...2 of those in the same location....and the monthly is R2 as well ? 😂 Is this a corrupted RNG programme or what? 😂 and R2 is boring 🤔
  6. Railx

    Racenet again

    I have been trying to get in for hours, what is this, no statement, no nothing? You can´t make even singleplayer unavailable offline and then have servers this crappy.