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  1. After the race there is the possibility to watch the repetition. Is there the possibility that the camera shows only the vehicles as they pass? The camera automatically changes the view continuously.
  2. The game has a lot of potential and it would be a pity if this is not exploited. Had no problem for new cars or new racetracks that did not exist in the old parts to pay. The game is already fun.
  3. What would be good if you could see in the menu which version of the game is installed.
  4. It would be nice if you could also change the rims and the rim color 🤗 maybe that will come later
  5. How to get to know all racetracks as a beginner without getting gray hair. In any race against other drivers who only go for 1-4 laps? It would have to give a free training for all routes, where you can also test all the tuning settings.
  6. It's frustrating when you do not know how things stand? The appearance of the game I have played for 8 hours and not more than a week because it is just boring 😴 That should not exist if the game is new and fun 🤔🤨
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