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  1. Hi, Please can you confirm if we will be getting any extra achievements/trophies in the upcoming season 2 DLC and also in any of the future season contents? I recall you previously advised there would be extra achievements coming but so far have had no confirmation if we'll be getting them in season 2 or not. It would be great if we do as it gives us something extra to aim for when playing the new content
  2. @ChrisGrovesMCM Thanks this is great news. Are there any plans to add extra Xbox achivements and PS4 trophies for season 2? Also do you plan to add extra achievements per each new season content?
  3. st3998

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    Hi Chris, are there any plans to add any more acheivements/trophies to Grid?
  4. st3998

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    It would be great if we could have more Xbox achievements and PSN trophies added. How about adding longevity achievements like 90G first getting to driver level 200 or 50G for driving so many races on a particular track. Its achievements like these I for one would aim to get, thus spending longer on the game and enjoying it even more. Would be great if we can have multiplayer achievements added as well. This is the first Grid game where there's been no multiplayer achievements.
  5. Thanks for confirming Chris Would be great if extra achievements/trophies could be included at some point further down the line.
  6. Hi, Just wondering if we have confirmation if there will be new Xbox achievements/PS4 trophies being added to Grid 2019 for the DLC season packs coming up? For me, apart from the 'Around the Globe' achievement, the achievements in Grid 2019 are really easy to get so hoping we get a few new ones added to the game when the new seasons are released. These could be achievements relevant to the actual pack either specific track or car related. We could also do with some extra multiplayer achievements as well, that would be great.
  7. st3998

    New GRID 5 (Start from here Codemasters)

    For me, for a GRID 5, they need to meet the below minimum requirements: Minimum of 20 tracks at launch Ability to build a team and add/remove sponsors Have a story driven career mode including starting as a novice driver and working your way up to the top! Include Multiplayer lobbies including all disciples from the career mode Include drifting events in career mode Include Eliminator events in career mode Bring back Demolition Derby to the career mode Ability to customise your car including add custom paints, vinyl's and decal's. Remove the Nemesis system completely. These are just a few I can think of. Grid 2019 is a good game but has so much missing compared to previous Grid games. Such a shame as graphically this game looks fantastic and has similar physics to the first Grid.
  8. st3998


    Not really keen on the Yas Marina track. I really hope one of the tracks to be added to the game will be Le Mans or Bathurst, both of which are brilliant to race on. I wonder if Codemasters will give us some freebie content as a way of apology for the downtime forced on Xbox One gamers with the latest patch/update glitch?
  9. st3998

    Grid 2019 - Questions I've got

    Thanks for confirming about the extra events Chris that's great thanks. Just to re-iterate, I really love the new Grid and the career is fantastic and looking forward to the extra events coming up in the next season.
  10. Hi, I bought the Grid Ultimate Edition. Overall I love this game and have now completed all of the events in the career mode, including all show down events and the Grid World Series tour. The career is really short in comparison to previous Grid games and hoping we get more content in the coming months and hopefully a career expansion of some sort. I have a few questions below which I would like an answer to if possible: Ultimate Edition - extra events Does anyone know what the extra events are in the Ultimate Edition compared to the normal edition? Just from videos I've seen online I can't see any difference in the career event list. Not sure if I'm missing something as I read that the Ultimate Edition supposed to have double the number of events. Just wondering if the extra events will be 'free' DLC content added for Ultimate Edition players over the course of the next few months as when I downloaded the game from Xbox Live I noticed Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4 was in the download queue. Does this mean the extra events will come in the form of extra seasons over the next few months? Online Mutiplayer I don't play online very often but was looking forward to online multiplayer in Grid 2019 as I really enjoyed playing online in the previous Grid games, especially the first Grid in 2008. The online mode in Grid 2019 is very weak and have noticed there are no achievements/trophies for any of the multiplayer modes which I think is really strange as all racing games I've played before have had achievements/trophies for online. Will there by additional modes being added to multiplayer in the future? Overall I'm really enjoying Grid 2019 and I'm currently trying to get to driver level 99 (I'm currently at level 65) but just a little confused as to how to access the extra events.