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  1. Hello guys. I got a problem, probably relating to graphics. Anyone can help me to solve this? Thank you!

    Details of my system:

    Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700U

    RAM: 8gb ddr4

    Graphics: Vega 10


  2. hello i checked i m good in usb 2 you tell me that it can come from my equiment in my first message i put the material i have available can you tell my from you what it can come thank you in advance
  3. hello i tried what you told me to do that does not change the problem remain whole si i unbranche the keyboard base g27 the smrf1 which is recognized in devic uc3 and i reconnected in 1 the keyboard and the steering wheel smrf1 i have tried in the game no problem navigating in the small the problem appears as i plug the base g27 i hope that this explanation can help you find where the problem comes in thanks in advance greetings
  4. thank you very much i will try your solution tomorrow i will keep you informed
  5. Hello, could someone help me please? I had zero problem when I played in F1 2017. But I have a problem with F1 2019 when I navigate the menus. I can not choose correctly the movement of the selector is completely erratic. I checked my graphics drivers, my Logitech g27 drivers and my version is up to date (1.15). I tried to change the neutral setting. I am running out of ideas. My operating system is Windows 10.version 1903 64 BITS My processor is an AMD A8 9600 readon 10computing 4C + 6G 3.10 GZ My graphics card is a 1050 Ti.