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  1. CrustyStarfish

    [GRID 2019] Multiplayer Thread

    I've not touched the game for a week or two due to the farce that is mulitplayer. Then I read about the 1.1 patch and I thought 'hooray!, they must have sorted that out' So I went to load it only to find patch 1.1 stopped the game working. So scurried around this forum to find help - and did... So with the game now working I jumped into multi player. Amazing! Such an awesome job Codemasters! I sat there with the clock ticking bye in my banger racing car driving around the track. The clock carried on and on and on and not a single person was online!!! So I quit the game and thought 'Feck it, what's the point'. Will give the game another rest and come back in a few weeks to see if the waste of money has become a 1/4 of the game it should have been.
  2. CrustyStarfish

    GRID Modding

    Hope you guys can dive in and make multiplayer worth playing! (although it's unlikely as it is SO rubbish).
  3. CrustyStarfish

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    The original Grid was so bloody good in multiplayer and I spent so long on that. After 4 hours racing multiplayer on Grid 2019 I can't see how this is going to survive! The quick race option is absolute garbage. AI cars and maybe 3 real people!!!!! For a brand new game, if the lobby can't be filled already then there is no hope. It's the only reason I bought the game too 😞 How sad that after all this time Codemasters trash their new game.