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  1. OpenWheelErik

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Bless this post, agreed with all of the above. :')
  2. OpenWheelErik

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hey Codies! I'm pleased to let you know that I am very much loving the new GRID! However, like so many others, I feel the game is lacking features despite its core racing package being superb. A few additions I feel would be excellent for the game are below: A car washing/livery refreshing feature. The "battle-scarred" look cars get after being raced is cool and all, but seeing your car enter a race covered in scratches and dirt gets old very, very quickly. No professional racing organization would allow a car to be entered looking as filthy as our cars in-game get after only a few races. There was a feature very much like this in the original GRID from 2008 for washing your cars in "Grid World" mode. Why not add it back? I seriously miss seeing my cars looking fresh on the starting grid! Race length adjustment for career mode, please! I've seen several other people asking for this in this topic. Really, we want to enjoy this game's sublime core racing package for more than a few laps at a time. Being able to rotate the camera around the car while watching replays. Destruction Derby mode in single player (it's a GRID staple!). Optional practice sessions before races that are at least 10 minutes long, as seen in GRID Autosport. Practicing a course alone in time attack through free play is nice, but having that practice option available from the pre-race menu (alongside tuning and hot lap qualifying) would mean so much, especially since we cannot see exactly what course configurations we'll be driving on before we enter a championship despite the fact that we could see all the information we needed about each race of a championship in GRID Autosport's pre-season contract offers. Extension of qualifying to two or three laps. Having only one chance to nail a lap without being able to control your speed when starting a flying lap is... quite frustrating. 😕 This would be a big thing to implement, but a sponsorship system like that seen in 2008's GRID, with reasonable objectives similar to those seen in GRID Autosport, would do so much to enrich the core gameplay experience. Being able to earn money quickly would be a big help for being able to purchase the more expensive cars in any case. At the very least, it would be nice to simply choose what sponsors we'd like to see on our cars, and pick different sponsors for each location on the car like in previous GRID games. Being able to choose white or black as the primary color for sponsor stickers would be wonderful; I hate not being able to see my sponsor stickers well when using a customized white livery. An options menu in the pre-race menu alongside hot lap qualifying and tuning, so we can adjust controls, difficulty, etc. before tacking a race. The option to temporarily quit an event from the pre-race menu (to resume it later, not to simply leave the event entirely of course). Thank you very much in advance for reading this, and for creating this game as well. It's already a blast to play and has so much potential, so please do add to it!