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  1. Matu94

    Dlss problem

    Perfect, thanks. Have a happy game too. Yeah sure. It's my life's purpose. What's yours? To fill the forums with pointless and meaningless answers?
  2. Matu94

    Dlss problem

    Yeah, I've been having crash problems since the last update. Anyway, I read that they introduced the dlss. But in the past days I also learned that on the 2080Ti the dlss can only be activated by playing in 4K. So I, playing in 2k, can't activate it on any game. However I play with the settings at maximum, I wanted to try the dlss just out of curiosity. I'll do it if one day nvdia should ever enable it on 2080ti with the various resolutions. Thank you both.
  3. Matu94

    Dlss problem

    Hi. I'm sorry if this isn't the right section to post in. I'd like to figure out how to activate the DLSS. I can't do it and I'd like to figure out if it's a technical problem or something. In the settings I see the following items: 1 CMAA2 2 TAA checkerboard 3 TAA 4 Upscaling TAA and FidelityFX 5 Sharpening TAA and FidelityFX I play 2K@165 hz, full screen and without vsycn with anisotropic filter x16. dx12 with a 2080Ti. How do I activate the dlss? Thanks.
  4. So I used ddu, reinstalled the drivers, checked the audio devices and deleted the hardware_settings_config.xml file and now it works. So thank you very much. If the problem should reoccur soon I will let you know. In the meantime, thank you again.
  5. I'll try. can a fresh start of windos be enough or is it necessary to format?
  6. Before the changes the set option was the first one. After making the changes I tried but didn't solve it. In the game the resolution has always been 2560x1440. Now I tried to start it but it closed on itself twice before I even reached the first screen. On the third attempt it went. I don't know whether to think about a problem with the game (which maybe also affects the audio speech) or a problem with my pc.
  7. Like this? It's correct?
  8. I will try but excuse me what is GPU scaling in the driver ?
  9. Not even TAB + ALT works I've had this problem in the past with other versions of the game. I don't know why. I have a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti whit the latest driver .
  10. Hi. 1 - when I access the screen to see the other drivers on the track, there is no sound from the cars. 2 - Version 1.22 3 - My career 4 - is random 5 - it depends, sometimes in all free practice sessions even for more than one weekend in a row, it's random up 6 - I don't know which solutions to try, I tried to change the audio settings in the game and start it with both dx12 and dx11 but it didn't work. 7 - xbox controller 8 - I enclose a short video F1_2019_dx12_2020_03_07_19_54_11_749.mp4
  11. In Career mode, when you watch the other drivers on the track from the pits, there is no sound. . Is there a way to solve it? In the gp of Azerzbajan went, in the next gp of Barcelona and Monaco did not. It's random but very annoying.
  12. Matu94

    F1 2019 crash whit ego dump error

    No one who can help me?
  13. I find it impossible to play f1 2019 because every time I play I crashed giving me the ego dump error, both with dx12 and dx11. The situation has been going on for months and months and nothing changes. The game is updated, as well as the drivers of the video card. Please help me because the situation is very frustrating. I enclose dxdiag files and the last two crash reports. Thank you. crash_dump#584887-20191221-223009-0.zip crash_dump#584887-20191222-145253-0.zip DxDiag.txt
  14. With the dx12 continues to crashare even with the new update