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  1. NinoRQC

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Why all the GTE events except one from the Season one have the Zhejing track? It's the worst track in the game to have racing. GTE and Prototypes are my favorite classes. Just don't put Zhejing track on an event ever again. And we have an Endurance R26 10 Laps event but not an Endurance event for the GTE and Prototype cars? Disapointed. GRID 1 was so much better in this regard focus more on Le Mans style cars and racing. Unfortunately this game has no flow on the tracks too. Maybe, again, only the GTE and Prototype cars on some tracks and that's it.
  2. NinoRQC

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Beat the Ravenwest showdown in the Cadillac DPi. The livery is limited for the cars that the Ravenwest team use only. It's not for all cars. If, still you didn't not got it, maybe that it's a bug, like the acolades.
  3. NinoRQC

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    - I finished the game. I think is very good, there are a lot of classes, lot of new cars to play with it, some tracks are really fun. But i would talk about some things that can be adressed and changed to be a better game. I will mix the good and the not so good (let me put that way). - Career: 1- It should have more events or at least more well split between classes. Like the "Tuner" you only have 2 events with the World Time Attack class and the cars are super expensive. 2- The payouts should be a little better. 3- It's repetitive in a not good way, it's not envolving like GRID 1 or 2. 4- The progression is good, although some of the acolades i think they are bugged right now and you can't unlock some of the liveries. 5- No sponsors deals on the cars like GRID 1 and 2. -Customization: 1- It's good to have a lot of liveries but it's missing not having different kinds of paint for all liveries like: matte, gloss, pearlescent, chrome, carbon (why not?), whatever you guys can put in the game is welcome. Some liveries are gloss only, or chrome only and the secondary options are gloss you can't match. It's unfortunatelly. It's a minimal problem but it's unfortunatelly. 2- Missing those wheels from GRID 2. Ok, maybe some manufactures don't allowed you to change and that's ok, but still. 3- Change the wheel colour of some cars like the Porsche 917/30 for example. You can match with a custom livery because it's always blue. 4- Noticed that at least on the Plymouth Cuda AAR the liveries on the splitter are misaglined. 5- Some cars you can change the liveries at all like the Nissan S13, S15 and R32. - Physics: - I play the game on PC with a XBox One controller. Despite like the game the way it is, i really like the older titles more in terms of fun driving. Some cars feels like that has no grip when accelerating especially on 3rd gear getting out of corners. Maybe for wheel users this is not a huge problems but for controller and keyboard users i see a little bit more of a problem on the precision. It feels like you have to configure a TC, ABS, steering linearity and all those advanced setting diferently for each car to get most out of it and that's a lit bit of a pain. Some cars are great to drive like the GTE cars or the Ferrari 512 BB LM is just a dream and you can go on and on. But others like the Muscles, or the Super Tourers are just not fun to drive. Please don't get me wrong i don't want that all cars be the same or have all the grip but they be fun to drive. The Porsche 935 is too light at the front at high speeds, the Ford GT is too light compared to the Ferrari 330, the Porsche 917 has too much oversteer compared to the Mclaren M8D... - Multiplayer: - I think people already said enough about this topic, but here we go: we should be able to host our own lobbies, with our own rules, be able to choose AI or not. - Leaderboard: - People was talking about the possibility of a cross plattaform times. Would be cool. Another neat feature would be a filter for controller, keyboard, wheel users and all mixed up of course. - Wishes: - Most of them i already post as things that can be changed but here 2 more: 1- GT3 class. Could be added inside on the invitational class. 2- At least one Lamborghini. Camon! There is no one! (XD)
  4. NinoRQC

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Thanks for the update. Maybe a little more grip for the cars unde acceleration? Some cars are quite hard on controller/keyboard.