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  1. Why all the GTE events except one from the Season one have the Zhejing track? It's the worst track in the game to have racing. GTE and Prototypes are my favorite classes. Just don't put Zhejing track on an event ever again. And we have an Endurance R26 10 Laps event but not an Endurance event for the GTE and Prototype cars? Disapointed. GRID 1 was so much better in this regard focus more on Le Mans style cars and racing. Unfortunately this game has no flow on the tracks too. Maybe, again, only the GTE and Prototype cars on some tracks and that's it.
  2. Beat the Ravenwest showdown in the Cadillac DPi. The livery is limited for the cars that the Ravenwest team use only. It's not for all cars. If, still you didn't not got it, maybe that it's a bug, like the acolades.
  3. - I finished the game. I think is very good, there are a lot of classes, lot of new cars to play with it, some tracks are really fun. But i would talk about some things that can be adressed and changed to be a better game. I will mix the good and the not so good (let me put that way). - Career: 1- It should have more events or at least more well split between classes. Like the "Tuner" you only have 2 events with the World Time Attack class and the cars are super expensive. 2- The payouts should be a little better. 3- It's repetitive in a not good way, it's not envolving like GRID 1
  4. Thanks for the update. Maybe a little more grip for the cars unde acceleration? Some cars are quite hard on controller/keyboard.
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