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  1. I love this game but its annoying that its full of bugs and i hope u fix this asap Im maxed level (after gold 99) yet im missing some liverys The only accolade i havnt got is the two wheels (5mins) this accolade is bugged for sure And the accolade from season 1 European modified series which they know about and are supposed to be fixed with the next update CM said And the around the globe trophy (this is why the ps4 players need in game stats so we can see what we have done ie how many miles we have done in the game and how long we have spent on two wheels ect ect Racenet hasnt worked since launch yet on the grid page it says stuff about racenet Now liverys Heritage 70 and 71 are missing Custom 04 missing Tuner 04 missing Urban 30 missing What have we got to do to unlock these liverys?

    Leaderboard question

    That course is one of the best for getting the two wheels acolade (5mins on two wheels) and air time i usually do that course in the Renault f1 car

    Leaderboard question

    Lol Ye i double pressed it and i recorded hence the record logo in the corner

    Leaderboard question

    Nice try

    Can’t change the Car Number

    Thats weird how some of you are effected by this issue and others are not even when they are on the same console

    Patch 1.50 (PS4 Pro)

    Public lobbies that was it Next update will be season 2 and bug fixes From wht CM have said

    Can’t change the Car Number

    Guys i havnt came across this issue as i can change my number on the cars I have noticed tht the stock liverys have there own numbers Im on PS4 also

    Leaderboard question

    Im on ps4 and your rank 32 now globally out of 694 players
  9. Youll find it in vehicle category seasons

    Bugged Accolade season 1

    @ChrisGrovesMCM noticed another bug in game i have all the cars in the game i go to my garage and theres no exclamation mark next to the cars ive been through every single one and looked at the liverys for every car yet its still saying 02!

    Bugged Accolade season 1


    Two wheels achievement

    Its hit and miss the best track to do it on is San Francisco grand prix circuit B Im doing the air time accolade (30mins) and the accolade for two wheels popped for me Use the Renault R26 its fast and its light Use that tunning And if u hit that corners just right u will see two wheels

    Bugged Accolade season 1

    Thankyou for clearing this up i thought it was just me hopeful they will release a patch for it soon

    Bugged Accolade season 1

    Guys as you can see i have a bugged accolade on season 1 you can see ive completed the requirements to unlock the accolde yet it is still locked for me I have re done the european Modified series multiple times and it still hasnt popped