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  1. Michael989A

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    What I'm doing ... every day I'm laping indianapolis oval 250 laps.. this gonna give me 1.000 km a day ... I already did 5 days and that's what I gonna continue. And see what's happening this **** gonna take me almost 1 month Saturdays and sundays I double to 2.000 km so I dont know I think I'm halfway if anyone wanna add me MICHAEL_-_GHOST soon I active this trophy I will let guys know ...just to remember y'all no one on ps4 got that trophy ... (EVERY 99 LAPS TAKES ME 58 MINUTES I'm doing laps aroun 35.2 35.5 seconds)
  2. Michael989A

    Around the Globe trophy

    Codemasters we need to know our progress .... for this trophy ... around the globe update that .... common