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  1. Good day, Forums are not really my thing but let’s make an exception, because I care. Many people seem to agree that the current system of managing ERS and Fuel is madness. I think even before ERS was introduced, the Fuel system was a bit flawed already. You had to change that from corner to corner too, but now with ERS it’s 3x as bad. but one should never complain without giving a solution. So I did some research on how drivers manage ERS and Fuel IRL and thought about how to best transfer that into the game. So here’s my solution: Fuel: Still 3 modes but mapped so that lean switches to neutral in the beginning of the straights, neutral the same but a bit of rich in the beginning of the straights and neutral for a bit longer on the straights and rich the same again but with longer rich mix down the straights. This way you won’t have to micromanage it to be quicker. ERS: Mapped in a similar way to above neutral fuel mix. But you have an Harvest button that turns on the MGU-K generator, so you’d use it while lift&coasting. Also you have an Overtake button that engages max ERS boost and rich fuel mix. Qualifying: Harvest and Overtake buttons are disabled, fuel modes are replaced by qualy-modes. Harvest mode, Hotlap mode and Hotlap+ mode. Hotlap+ being the “party mode” that you’d only use in Q3 or when absolutely necessary cause it wears the ICE down a lot. Sorry for the long read. Let me know if you like this, maybe Codemasters can use it, who knows...