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    Car Setups for xbox one F1 2019

    Is there a website to go to that I can look up different car setups for the tracks on F1 2019 for Xbox One? I just need a setup for a starting point. Need some ideas for setups to try. Does anyone know of a website like that?
  2. The game didn't come with a book. Need tips and information on how the game works. Is there a manual posted online somewhere?
  3. I have a Fanatec Clubsport V2 USA wheel with a Fanatec CSL Elite 1.1 base and the rev lights and the flag lights don't work on the wheel or base. I can't use the additional buttons for mapping on the steering wheel (MFD shortcuts). Everytime I try, it says there is a conflict. I've tried unbinding them but it still comes up with a conflict error. I am running this with an Xbox One X. We have contacted Fanatec and they said it was an Xbox issue. We have contacted Xbox and they said it was a game makers issue. Any suggestions are welcome on this topic.
  4. I am playing on an Xbox one X with the Formula 1 2019 game and I wanted to know when the best time is to change out the components during the game without getting a grid penalty?

    Help on Formula 1 2019 Xbox

    I have some technical questions involving the steering wheel on the formula 1 2019 game using an Xbox one X Scorpio edition. On the steering wheel, what is the D with the line and the H stand for? In settings-there is something for telemetry and what is it used for and how do you utilize it with the game?